By attending any event by PVNET/Annex or PVNET/Main, you and your guests agree to the all of the following:

To sign up online for a free user account on the PVNET/Annex on-line scheduling system and  to receive occasional email or mail announcements; To attend a short class to learn how to use the on-line registration system when required; To permit PVNET to publicly include your name as a supporter and endorser of PVNET.

Any fees paid to enroll in any class or event at PVNET or PVNET/Annex are non refundable; Summer programs especially are non-refundable because the fees are paid to instructors at the time of enrollment, materials and sometimes hardware are is purchased immediately for students use, along with cost to provide the facility for a particular time to meet with students, staffing costs and other misc costs. In the event that a student wishes to exit a class  for any reason, no refund will be made.

PVNET reserves the right to offer discounts for any classes on a case by case basis. Any errors in advertised pricing are exactly that - an error and PVNET is under no obligation to offer any service for a fee which was advertised in error. The customer agrees to pay the correct amount in order to enroll in a class or purchase a service.

All families (you) who enroll any student who is younger than the recommended age for a particular class acknowledges that they enrolled their child with full knowledge and agreement that they have done so solely to provide their child with an "observational experience" and not for the purpose of fully comprehending and understanding the class material,  and release PVNET from any obligations to provide more than an an "observational experience". Any student who is disruptive in any way may by asked to be picked up by the parents, and if necessary to exit the class without refund..

The responsible student or party responsible for the student attending the class agrees to replace or pay in full for any damages to equipment, furniture, or property caused by you, your child,  or your guests at PVNET/Annex. You agree that you and your guests hold PVNET, it's staff, volunteers, interns and representatives, and the City of RPV and it's staff harmless for any accidents, losses, or injuries to you, your child, or your guest which may occur on City Hall or PVNET property;

Any information you submit to PVNET will be held in confidence. PVNET retains the right to refuse services to any one at any time, and for any reason, and without refund.

In the event that an instructor is not able to teach a class at any time, a substitute instructor will provided; in the event that a class has to be rescheduled on any particular day a make up day will be selected and offered at PVNET’s discretion.

In the unfortunate event that a class has to be cancelled, PVNET reserves the right to do so  without notice, in which case at PVNET's discretion, either an alternate class will be offered as soon as possible, or a  refund  will be made within 90 days.

PVNET is a 501c3 charitable organization and any contributions made to PVNET are tax deductible. This agreement may change slightly from time to time and you agree to check back occasionally to familiarize yourself with it's terms. No additional written notices will be provided.


Dear students, parents/guardians:

All Students Interns and volunteers, participating at Palos Verdes on the NET Community Computer Technology Center, maybe or will be involved in activities including but not limited to: writing, video production, graphic design, internet publishing, photography, interviews, articles in newspapers, public announcements, commercials, interviews of themselves as well as others, and many more activities. We require the following agreement to be accepted  as a term and condition for joining our programs by the adult student or intern (Student) , or by the parent or guardian of each participating minor student or Intern (Student).

Thank you.


I/We, the Student and parent or legal guardian of the Student hereby assume all risks and accept all responsibilities and duties resulting from the Student’s participation in the Student Internship Program. By signing this Agreement, all signatories acknowledge that they have read, understand and expressly agree to its terms and conditions.

I/We, the Student and parent or legal guardian of the Student , hereby voluntarily and knowingly release Palos Verdes on the NET Community Computer Technology Center and their officers, directors, agents, employees, all other related persons or entities, their successors and assigns from any and all claims, actions, demands or rights to monetary award whatsoever arising from any and all injury or physical harm which may occur to the Student, including specifically any that may arise out of, or be occasioned by, either directly or indirectly, any negligent act(s) or omission(s) of said persons or entities, while the Student is engaged in the Student Internship Program.

I/We, the Student and parent or legal guardian of the Student, hereby grant to Palos Verdes on the NET Community Computer Technology Center and their successors and assigns the unconditional and perpetual right to use the Student’s name, picture, likeness and all work product generated during the course of the Student Internship Program, in print, on television, on the internet and/or on any other media, without any right on behalf of the Student or parent or legal guardian to any remuneration in connection therewith. Student and parent or legal guardian hereby consent to such usage and waive any and all claims, actions, demands or right to monetary award whatsoever in connection with the use of Student’s name, picture, likeness and work product as described in this paragraph.

I/We, the Student and parent or legal guardian of the Student, further understand that, byenrolling or participating in any program offered by PVNET, are binding ourselves and our heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns.

Last updated: 2007-03-02
Creation date: October 1, 1996