Books for parents, available at the Harbor Regional Center Family Resource Center (310) 543-0691

  • Creative Play Activities for Children With Disabilities, by Lisa R. Morris and Linda Schulz
  • A Parents How-to-Book of Ideas for Special Needs Children, by Fran Palmer and Valerie Steelman
  • Adaptive Play for Special Needs Children, by Caroline R. Musselwhite
  • Toys ďRĒ Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids
  • Books about autism for children, available from Autism Society of NC Bookstore (919) 571-8555


    Books available from local libraries or from bookstores



    Autism Resource Books for Adults, with publisher (Unless otherwise noted, information is from ďThe Autism DepotĒ web site.  Reviews of books are available at

    Autism Resource Books for Adults, available through theAutism Research Institute (
    Aspergerís Syndrome: A Guide for parents and Professionals, by Tony Attwood