Campaigning to Win

A Campaign Manual

For political campaigns:
below state-wide level
partisan and non-partisan
by Gary O. Bosley

ISBN # 0-9650772-0-9

    A. Table of Contents
    B. Price and Ordering Information
    C. Endorsement
    D. About the Author
A. Table of Contents:
    1. Political Misinformation. Education vs. Political Activism + more 2. Campaigns - what insiders usually "don't get" Basics of campaigns, peer levels + more 3. Understanding the System - . The Shift, political parties, big business + more 4. The Literature of Campaigns - What "they" donít know Many samples 5. The District Inventory - The heart of the matter. Understanding influence + more 6. The Vote Inventory - . Base vote, swing vote, prioritizing, get out the vote + more 7. Organizing - It can be done. Research committees, The way to do it, boiler rooms, + more 8. Salesmanship - This is American. 9. Issues - What they arenít - and the surprise of what they are. Businesspeople as "know it alls," manning the barricades: a debate, + more 10. Media - Brochures, signs, advertising, techniques, + more 11. Fundraising - Biggest bang for the buck. 12. Information and the Internet/World Wide Web - Everybodyís doing it. Opposition research 13. The Candidate Notions, spouses, keeping focus, public speaking, debates + more 14. Citizen Groups - Pay attention. 15. Appendix: Actual vote totals, by precinct, from a sample U.S. County, Minor races versus major races, on-year, off-year
B. Price and ordering information:

Just $16.00 plus fees.
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C. Endorsement:
    "Please excuse my delay in reply, but I have of course been devoting every waking moment to certain of the various 153 campaigns that we are responsible for this year.

    Both the election staff and the Committee and I agree that your new book Campaigning has merit, contains some fresh approaches, and would be of assistance to the audience to which it is directed.

    I wish you success in publication..."
    Mike Montgomery, chairman of California State Republican Party. [Former]

D. About the author:
    Graduate of RNC Campaign Managerís College
    Congressional campaign manager,
    Assembly candidate
    Assembly Race Campaign Finance co-chair
    Award winning national level speaker
    Award winning newspaper publisher
    Chamber of Commerce executive director (organizer)
    Financial T.V. commentator
    former editor and publisher of the "Santa Monica Business Journal"
    former editor and publisher of the "Hollywood Business" newspaper
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