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Some of the rare animals found in Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly

El Segundo Blue Butterfly

San Diego Horned Lizard

California Gnatcatcher

Coastal Cactus Wren

Pacific Pocket Mouse

California Gray Whale


Gabrielinos -- Palos Verdes first residents

Their are many others including falcons, redtail hawks (Buteo jamaicensis, pictured above), owls, bats, foxes and rattlesnakes.

The rufous crowned sparrow, phainopepla and several other species are becoming very rare locally (due to development, crows, ravens, grackles, etc.) Also, this area is unique because it is the center of endemism for the nonmigratory race of Allen's hummingbird and the sordida subspecies of Orange-crowned warbler. We probably also have our own subspecies of spotted towhee, Pacific slope flycatcher, and others. Regionally rare least bitterns still breed at Ken Malloy/Harbor regional park.

Thanks to Martin Byhower for the paragraph above, his web site is at http://www.qi-whiz.com/birds
This is another excellent source for information on birds Birder.com

And of course The Audubon Society

Local Plant Species Targeted by the NCCP

Alphansima (Aphanisma blitoides)
South Coast Saltscale (atriplex pacifica)
Peirson's Morning-glory (Calytegia peirsonii)
Catalina Crabapple Bush (Crossosoma californicum)
Bright Green Dudleya (Dudleya virens)
Southern Tarplant (Hemizonia parryi ssp. australis)
Catalina Boxthorn (Lycium brevipes var. hassei)
Lyon's Pentachaeta (Pentachaeta lyonii)