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Community Information Services:
Since 1995, as a service to local communities, PVNET has freely offered a place to publish information on the Web to all candidates running for any office in any local election in any of the cities which we serve. Our intention is to help make community related information freely and easily available and support the Green Initiative, and to help reduce the need for candidates to spend large amounts of money to compete for attention. Also included in “this free offer to all candidates” is an email address, and use of any of the free services which PVNET normally provides to members of the community, excluding non non-commercial use and so long as the information published on our equipment is rated suitable for all ages”. The information published does not reflect the opinion of anyone at PVNET.

Note to all candidates:
Here's your chance to reach out to your constituents by creating your own website. 

  • Free personalized Web location (sub domain name) linked to your city
  • FTP access for uploading
  • Address book (Listserv) for e-mailing constituents

What can you do on your personalized campaign web page?

  • Candidate Statement
  • Biography
  • Endorsements
  • Press Releases
  • Event Listings
  • Issues
  • Contacts
  • Photo Galleries
  • Key Links
  • Short Videos

To apply for your free web site or for further information, contact PVNET at 310-541-7992 or e-mail to

Please click here to fill out Candidates for Public Office Web Site Information Form

Note: there is no value for this service and this service is offered to all candidates. No support or endorsement for any candidate by PVNET is implied.

PVNET is 501c3 Non-profit Corporation and we comply with all regulatory laws