RPV Equestrian News

Date Posted: 05-25-1999

Ride To Fly

Children laughing, horses working, instructors shouting words of encouragement, parents beaming with pride, this is a special day at a special place.  The young girl that is riding the horse has never walked a step in her life… her wheelchair sits close by.  The child that is grinning from ear to ear will never see the horse that is bringing him so much joy… for he is blind.  This is the therapeutic riding program called Ride To Fly, and at this place, miracles are just a part of a typical day.

Ride To Fly is a nonprofit organization that has been in operation in the Palos Verdes area since 1994 and is dedicated to providing therapeutic horseback riding and the associated learning experiences to children and adults with disabilities.  The instructors are experienced riding instructors who have been specially trained and certified in therapeutic riding techniques.  The horses are carefully selected for their calm, gentle natures and are highly trained.

Ride To Fly is completely staffed with volunteers and relies on donations, grants and sponsorships to keep the program operating.  The program is seeking a new location on the Peninsula.  Unfortunately, due to tightening restrictions on number of horses allowed per acre, they have not found a place for their four horses yet.  Without a location, they will be forced to shut down this incredible program.  If you have, or know of, a barn that has space for four horses, along with an area that can be made into a riding ring, please contact Ride To Fly as soon as possible.  Those interested in making a donation (money, land or tack), or for more information about the program, please call 310-221-0575.  Interested volunteers can contact Corinne Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator, at 310-644-0676.

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