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A Web Page, adapted and posted by Palos Verdes on the Net, as a source of information about equestrian activity in the Palos Verdes Area and as a service to the community. 

Updates: Las Amigas De Las Lomas, LSAC & PVPHA

PVPHA Website


    We are very pleased to provide this information on-line. If you would like to make suggestions, submit new information, or contact us, please send email to or call us at the Community Computer Technology Center at (310) 541-7992

Palos Verdes Stable

New information will be available soon. Please check back Thank you.

Peter Weber Equestrian Center: Horse Boarding/Lessons/Pony Camp


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Contact the Rolling Hills Estates City Hall (310 377-1577) for sign-ups.


Programs for basic horsemanship, horse care and safety. (310) 377-1335.


Contact Linda Filton (310) 541-9487.

Manager: Linda Filton (310) 541-9787
Trainers: Jan Ball Western (310) 377-1335
Millie Semmelroth Beg. Eng. (310) 833-4057
Julie Smith Adv. Eng. (310) 530-5197

E.T.I. Corral 8
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Board Meetings

To be announced.

Board Members

  • Show Manager/President: Val Kelly
  • Treasurer/Asst. Show Manager: Pam Schachter
  • Membership: Marilan Titlow
  • Secretary: Patti Harrison
  • Newsletter: Peggy Kline
  • Entry Booth(AM): Susie Huber
  • Ring Crew: Robert Bartko/Mike Wishner
  • Volunteers: Denise Briscoe
  • Course Design: Connie Haines
  • Publicity/Raffles: Rachel McCaskill
  • Banquet Slides: Carrol Harrison
  • Awards: Alice Neff
  • Ribbons: Michelle Hofman
  • Year-End High Point: Laurel Peters
  • Daily High Point: Sharon Herzog, Kathy Abrams
  • Awards Banquet: Open
  • Judges: Kathy Gately
  • Mailing: Tootie DeRose
  • Sponsors: Emile Spratt, Carol Maddox
  • Announcers: Andres Rogers, Peggy Kratka
  • Barn Manager (Howlett): Marci Kuester
  • Caterer: Bob Lynch

Peninsula Show Schedule

Las Amigas de Las Lomas

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E.T.I. Corral 8 Shows
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E.T.I. Corral 88 ("Western E.T.I.") Shows
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Other Shows
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Los Serranos Award Circuit

Palos Verdes Peninsula Horsemen's Association (PVPHA)

The PVPHA is an equestrian organization dedicated to preserve horsekeeping on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, to protect and promote trails and equestrian facilities, to encourage good horsekeeping, and to support education in equestrian related subjects. We have a home page at