Jason Hughson

Jason during Rod's 9th birthday skate
party. Last birthday party he attended.

In Memory of

Jason Hughson
November 1, 1973 ~ December 31, 2000

Jason was 27, single father of two boys, Rod, 9 and Jordan, 7. He worked for an underwater construction company.

At 10:30 p.m., New Year’s Eve 2000, Jason was returning home from a friend's to be with his family. While crossing an intersection, a man driving drunk without a license ran the red light. He killed our son instantly. Jason neither drank nor smoked.

He was our only child and we have always been proud of him. A loving, happy, healthy child, Jason grew to be a handsome, caring, strong, responsible adult. He was a powerful yet compassionate person who others were drawn to.

Jason was honest and to the point. You could always take him for his word. His friends turned to him when they needed someone they could depend on.

He loved spending hours working on his cars. He owned a beautiful '73 Nova SS that he built from the ground up. The night of the accident Jason was driving his '78 Ford 4WD pick-up that he completely restored. Both vehicles captured attention wherever he went.

Jason would want to be remembered for his strength and dedication to weight lifting. At 180 pounds he could bench-press well over 400 lbs. He spent most evenings at the Power House gym. He won numerous weight lifting contests and continued to get stronger. He had remarkable determination and would have gone far in power lifting.

Jason was a great father. Even though only 17 when his first son was born, he willingly gave up many things that other young adults were enjoying so that he could be at home being a good father and raising his boys. His kids were most important to him. Jason loved them and wanted them to be proud of him. They idolized him, as they still do today. The worst thing is that Jason is not here for them and to enjoy them.

We grieve his loss and miss him terribly. His sons are now our focus. They are part of him and give us their love. We have wonderful memories of Jason and how our family was, but our lives will be forever changed without him.

Jason's mother would like to hear from Jason's friends.  Please click HERE to email Mrs. Hughson.

Lifting Weights 73 Nova
Jason lifting during contest
with Dad cheering him on.
Hot Rod sitting on his Dad's '73 Nova ss
Jason's 1978 Ford 4wd Pickup
Jason and Jordan
Jason and sons
Sons and Dad
Jason and Jordan ~ Past Christmas
Rod, Jordan and Jason ~
Last Christmas together
Jason's Dad's birthday with his sons, Rod
and Jordan.  Four years without their father.
Rod next to Nova
Current picture of Rod next to his Nova
(2005 ~ Almost 14 years old)