Smartass genie riddle

You're walking home one day and you stumble upon a lamp. You pick it up and notice an inscription on the side, "S.G." You suppose G stands for "genie" and S for, maybe, "supreme." Anyway, you put it in your backpack and think about what you're going to wish for.

When you get home, you're pretty sure what you're going to wish for, so you go in your bedroom and rub the lamp. Lo and behold, out comes a genie. He starts doing his "I AM THE ALL-POWERFUL GENIE" routine.

Right when you're about to wish that he'd stop rambing, he slows down. OK, you think, now he's going to grant me three wishes. But instead he says:

You may make one statement. If your statement is true, I will tell you my name. If your statement is false, I will not tell you my name.

You're pretty sure knowing his name won't help, and you really wanted those wishes. What do you do?