Javascript passwords let you protect a site by hiding a portion of the URL. A user entering the site will have to enter the hidden part of the URL (the password) in order to enter. To set up password protection on part of your site:

Step 1: Make up a short password, such as xyz123.

Step 2: Create and upload a page called xyz123.html (this is the password-protected page).

Step 3: Add the code in the box below to the <head> section of the page where you want the visitor to enter a password.

Step 4: Use <a href="javascript:gateKeeper()"> to create a password-protected link.
   Example: Click <a href="javascript:gateKeeper()">here</a> to enter my site (you need a password)

Step 5: Tell selected people the password (xyz123 in this example).

<script language="JavaScript">
       function gateKeeper() {
          var password = prompt("Password required:", "")
          var location = password + ".html";
          this.location.href = location;
// --->

Test it! The password is "mars".

This is a rip-off of Gate Keeper v2.0 by Joe Barta, which used to be available from