The last Hurrah Conference was planned to be a method of getting software pioneers and early computer programmers together to swap stories and reminisce.

The last Hurrah Conference fell through for lack of interest.  However, the web pages may still be of interest, so I have reformatted then for easier viewing.  The left side of the screen provides links to more detailed descriptions.

Early Computers will take you to a short summary of the early computers.

Gruenberger will take you to an article from the “Annals of the History of Computing”, Vol.2  #3  July 1980 written by Fred Gruenberger, one of the early pioneers in the field of computing.

Each of the following links on the left side of the screen will take you to details of early computers for which I could find information.  I may get caught up again and try to expand the details of these and other early computers which I have not listed. Also, I would like to get vignettes from the early days of computing, early being defined as before 1970. I am creating the vignette page with a couple of my own. I am also adding my comments to some of the computers I worked on, These will follow the historical reference material. Therefore, the reader doesn't have to be bored before getting to the material that is being sought.

I hope you enjoy this brief history on a CD as a Web Site as much as I enjoyed compiling the various pages.

Roger Mills