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I believe City Council must serve the residents needs. Prior to my business career, I spent a career learning to understand, integrate, interpret and communicate other peoples needs and values, as well as my own. This extensive background has given me exceptional tools to hear and communicate our residents' needs.

I honestly believe the people may want to seriously consider having a City Council that represents a healthy, diverse set of skills to support the needs of our Rancho Palos Verdes population. There is the potential for unnecessary duplication of occupational skills. This will not serve all facets of a balanced City Council. I believe, as many of our residents do, that a balanced City Council better benefits the interests of our residents. Duplication of legal skills on our City Council could easily, in my frank opinion, further hinder City Staff Attorney functions. We cannot afford to lose sight of residents needs. I further believe as a concerned and involved citizen, it has already been demonstrated that there is a lack of consideration and fellowship on our current City Council. This behavior does not represent the true sentiments of our residents.

I support a vision of forward-looking education that addresses future needs of our city while preparing Peninsula young adults to work on the Hill and our nearby surroundings. I plan to encourage jobs for our future adults through an un-crowded well-planned environment with high quality commercial enterprises.


Please forward to:
Libby Aubrey for City Council
3 Via La Cima
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Phone: 310.541.9129

I am running for City Council to represent my values, for other adult and youth on the Hill whose needs are not represented by the current special interests. I take to heart the Cities General Plan concepts to collaborate to build a matrix of diverse future development.

For instance, the loss of our MTA buses, can be replaced by PV Transit taking the same route for equal payment and hire a resident to staff those routes. We create a job, offer safe and efficient transportation, and mitigate traffic with this solution.

My experience on the Rancho Palos Verdes Traffic Committee has given me insight to how development impacts traffic and the planned vision of our City. As a businesswoman my vision for Rancho Palos Verdes is based in first establishing fiscally responsible revenue streams. I would start with endeavors that produce culturally based and physically strong children who can lead our communities' future.

I will produce Private Placement Documents, which explain the revenue streams of my vision. My plans expose the layered media, athletic, and educational matrix of my Project Take Heart, my non-profit School of Champions and my production expertise with my television series Star Train USA for Health.

I stand for results-based City contracts, which will increase accountability by selecting a community commissioner to the staff, answerable directly to the City Council, to observe and objectively report performance and the end results of city contracts. Effective accountability will be expanded with open televised meetings of all city committees, and in observation of the Brown Act. In order that all of our citizens have access to our meetings, I am promoting weekly meetings from 7-10 PM. I want to be there to serve our residents of Rancho Palos Verdes. Together we can attain balance in our community based World Class environment. I will seek funds to realize the potential of our great city.

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Mayor Richard Riordan, Fireman Ryan Watson, and World Cycling Medallist Libby Aubrey at the Mayor James K. Hahn Los Angeles Unity Bike Ride...riding together in support of our children's future.

Community Leader

California Governor Arnold Swartzeneggar welcomes guest Libby Aubrey of RPV in an informal photo op during a press conference in Santa Monica just days before his astounding electoral success.





Heidi Smith, President of theNational Federation of Republican Women in Utah with Libby.

Enjoying the beauty of the Grand America Hotel and the 32nd Bicentennial Awards luncheon.

Libby offers RPV residents' gracious welcome to Host Donald Trump at the Rancho Palos Verdes Community Leaders Breakfast at the new Ocean Trails.




"I am happy to be working with Libby Aubrey because of her honest, direct approach coupled with an optimistic vision for the future of Rancho Palos Verdes. Her desires are for the needs of the community. She is a leader who gets things done, delves into the issues at hand, and finishes what she starts."

Claudia Smith
Committee to Elect Libby Aubrey

Community LeaderVolunteer ServiceFamily FocusEndorsements

Volunteer Service

At the Rancho Palos Verdes "30th Anniversary" Picnic, President and founder, Libby Aubrey of the non-profit School of Champions, is surrounded by friends and luminaries to present first prize in the arts/athletic contest incentive program "Art for Bikes Sake". The most talented winner Chelsea Kamrath of Peninsula High is presented with a FREE NEW BIKE and HELMET by Libby Aubrey and Congressman Dana Rohorabacher for Chelsea's outstanding achievement in the School of Champions "Art for Bikes Sake" program.

About my Drawing
by Chelsea Kamrath

An explanation of my drawing would probably help you understand what it is about. The mountains represent the tough times and rocky moments I had while doing the bicycle course. The pile of money, trophy, car and check symbolize the rewarding experience that it was. all the signs around me say "One Way" or "Stop" stand for confusion. This experience has been a fantastic but confusing one, so I thought I'd show that all in my drawing. I hope you like it! :D


Libby enjoys her volunteer service in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" with friends at the Norris Theater ready for action, song and dance.

From left to right: Chelsea Kamrath, Barb Ferraro, and President of School of Champions Libby Aubrey, flanked by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and coach Robert Keating to the right.


Ho Ho HO. Never a moments rest! Full of Good Wishes for the Holidays, School of Champions cyclists and coaches make their way through the gathered crowds for the Rolling Hills Estates Festive Holiday Parade! Another mark of Advocacy from School of Champions.

Community LeaderVolunteer ServiceFamily FocusEndorsements

Family Focus

Libby and local children stop in to watch the new "Star Train USA for Health" television program on all sorts of heath promoting ideas for kids 3 -12  at the 30 Anniversary Picnic. Nothing like entertaining while educating!





A Family Thanksgiving... in RVP.

I came to the Olympian Hills of Rancho Palos Verdes to improve my endurance and strength as a Masters World Medallist athlete at the age of 50.

As a young woman I attended Stephens College for Women on Scholarship, University of Paris, Sorbonne and University of Wisconsin, Madison in the Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Voice and Theater underpinned with working class values and an appreciation of the joyous beauty of our land from my pioneer ancestors. I continued to travel the world throughout my inner search for service, health and love of humanity.

At mid life my project Health Entertainment, Inc. was accepted at the Wharton Small Business School as the annual project for a Private Placement Document.

My vocational goal in television production is to serve for a Healthier lifestyle for the children of the future, safe communities, and aesthetics though value based programs. Emergency preparedness, arts and athletics with the enhancement of media technology are the thumbnail of my vision for the Peninsula, South Bay and Los Angeles County with my School of Champions and Project Take Heart.

This year School of Champions was a gift prize donor serving the Kiwanis's Children of the World at the Palos Verdes Marathon, and gave free bikes to Peninsula High School's Black and Gold Event, the Rancho Palos Verdes 30th Anniversary Picnic bingo contest, and School of Champions "Art for Bikes Sake" incentive art/athletics competition. I am currently attending the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Community Academy classes and serving on the Rancho Palos Verdes Traffic committee. My service on the Traffic Committee and on a bicycle gives me a birds-eye view of how to mitigate our ever-increasing traffic problems, and in particularly the safety issues, we face. See more on this in my Political Statement.

My Dad was an Army man who with humor and discipline worked for US Steel in labor relations and contracts with a keen knowledge of the art of collaboration as he raised all 10 children, 5 girls and 5 boys with his beautiful wife of 55 years until her passing in 2000. My fortunate circumstance of being one of 10 has given me the ability to see across the needs of several generations in my growing up and learning the art of collaboration with all 12 family members. To date I believe there are 18 grandchildren. We were raised with deep conviction and appreciation for American values and in the American Dream of hard work and love, and our birthright to choose to enjoy our short time on this wonderful earth.

Ted Ernst (center) displays School of Champions' star logo. Ted and Jeane Burke-Foley pass the torch of the future of after-school sports for kids to Libby for the leadership and the dozen medals she has brought to the South Bay as a Masters Word Medallist.






"Libby is enthusiastic and high energy. She works for what she wants and wants to make a difference. Let's keep the trial lawyers in their office and vote for a change. Let's support Libby for City Council."

Marcella Sutton


Elite Medallist Karla Bland and Libby prepared for challenge. Libby says, "Athletics create lasting friendships and offer the opportunity to meet exceptional people with professional values like Karla."


A vote for truth is a vote for change

Vote for Libby Aubrey for Rancho Palos Verdes City Council

Number 14 on your ballot.

Community LeaderVolunteer ServiceFamily FocusEndorsements

"I think [Libby Aubrey] would do RPV proud. In meetings with Libby I was impressed with her integrity and loyalty for her causes of helping people. I think she would be a definite asset to your community!"

Chris Young
City of Redondo Beach





"Libby is enthusiastic and high energy. She works for what she wants and wants to make a difference. Let's keep the trial lawyers in their office and vote for a change. Let's support Libby for City Council."

Marcella Sutton

Community LeaderVolunteer ServiceFamily FocusEndorsements


Checks should be written out to:   "Libby Aubrey for City Council"