League of Women Voters

Presidents' Message

June 2013

In my last column as PV League president, I want to repeat my comments from our Local Convention on June 8. But first I want to congratulate our new co-presidents, Vi Iungerich and Jo-Anne Waller. They will provide excellent leadership and will need your support in moving forward with our League program and goals.

It has been a pleasure to serve as president of the Palos Verdes League for the past 4 years. I joined the League in the early ‘70s and have served in several capacities. Being president has been a fulfilling culmination.

The PV League board members are amazing and very dedicated. They have worked to fulfill the mission of the League - tracking land use, providing information for voters, conducting studies that come from the national, state, and county Leagues. They have supported our new outreach program, “Coffee and Conversation with the League,” leading the discussions of issues of interest. Our League has been well-served by these outstanding women.

On the broader front, LWVUS is working to protect voting rights, including voter registration procedures; it is promoting clean air measures; and is addressing the influence of money in elections and seeking full disclosure.

LWVC is addressing state budget issues; working to provide information on the implementation of the new health care program; and working on voter service materials for each election.

Whether it is on the local, state, or national level, there is much for the League to do and the work is significant. We in PV are a smaller group than in years past, but we are a group dedicated to upholding citizen’s rights and promoting the common good, and I am proud to be a member. Thank you all for a great experience.