NART Facilities


Emergency Operations center (eoc)

The Emergency Operations Center, located in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, is equipped with two dual band radios capable of 144 MHz, 220 MHz and 440 MHz communications.

Mobile Command Post (MCP)

The Police Department’s Mobile Command Post, in addition to Police Band radios and personnel, houses four UHF/VHF radios covering 2 meters, 220 MHz and 440 MHz and a 100W HF radio capable of all amateur radio bands.

Disaster District Program Containers

Each DDP container located at one of the six schools in the City has a dual band (2m/440 MHz) mobile/desktop radio with battery backup, solar and generator charging capability and a gain antenna ready for deployment.  DDP containers also contain several FRS radios that are limited to 500 milliwatts and are intended for short-range operations within a District.


A NART radio with dual band and scanning capability is located adjacent to the Police Department dispatch function and 911 call center.  This station is manned by NART personnel during emergencies to facilitate direct coordination with the PVE Police Department dispatch function.

Individual Radios

All members of NART have their own dual or multi-band handheld UHF/VHF radios, and many members supplement these with mobile radios in vehicles and base stations permanently installed at home.

Repeater Systems

NART uses main and backup repeater systems, each one equipped with either generator or substantial battery power backup, to ensure uninterruptible communications throughout the City. Part of the NART training program involves an understanding of the means to access these repeaters and the proper use of these systems.

FCC License

NART operates under the FCC licensed call sign W6PVE.

NART Tactical Deployment Discussion at EOC

Radio Room in Mobile Command Post

HF Radio for Long Distance Communications