Animal Regulations FAQ

Most Frequently Asked Animal Control Questions...

  • What Agency provides animal control services?

Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control.  Effective July 1, 1998, the City of Rancho Palos Verdes entered into a service contract with the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care &
Control (LACDACC) to provide complete animal care and control services for the City. 

These services include:

  • 24-hour live operator assistance
  • Investigation of cruelty complaints
  • Stray animal pick-up and patrol
  • Injured animal pick-up and care
  • Response to excessive barking and noise complaints
  • Investigation of dangerous dogs
  • Low cost vaccinations
  • Low cost spaying and neutering
  • Pet licensing
  • Humane education
  • Dead animal pick-up

2.  What is the number to call Animal Control?


3.  What is the address for the County Animal Shelter and hours of operation?

Los Angeles County
Animal Care Center
216 W. Victoria
Gardena, California

M-TH 12p.m. to 7 pm
Friday, Saturday Sun 10am to 5 pm
Closed Holidays

4.  How do I report a neighbor’s barking dog?

Animal Control has established procedures to address barking dog complaints in three-phases.  The most efficient way to resolve the complaint is to consistently report the nuisance to Animal Control once every 7-10 days during a three-four week period.  The County takes specific action, if the noise hasn’t subsided after each complaint received.  The process allows for voluntary compliance by the dog owner while establishing a defensible court case, if needed.   If too much time lapses between complaints, the process must begin anew.

First Complaint:         If you haven’t reported the barking nuisance within the last 30 days, submit your complaint in writing to Animal Control with the dog owner’s address, description of complaint, times and dates, description of dog and any other helpful information to build a potential prosecution case. Be sure to include your name and address and phone number.  Animal Control does not accept anonymous complaints.   Letters may be addressed to:

Field Supervisor
Carson Animal Care Center
216. W. Victoria Street
Gardena CA 90248

In response, Animal Control will send a letter to the dog owner stating the complaint for excessive noise and offering some suggestions to minimize the barking behavior.  The dog owner will be given a week to voluntarily comply.

Second Complaint:  After a week, if the noise hasn’t abated, call Animal Control at 310-523-9566 to report no improvement.  Animal Control will then send an officer to the visit the dog owner and discuss options to comply with the animal noise regulations.  Generally the officer will also try to inspect the dog and property, if permitted, to check if everything is in order.  

Third Complaint:  If no compliance is observed after 7 days, call Animal Control at 310-523-9566.   Animal Control will mail a petition form that must be signed by three separate households willing to testify in court, if necessary.  Upon receiving the completed petition, Animal Control will forward the case file to the District Attorney’s Office for review.  Depending upon the nature of the case, a hearing may be scheduled to hear both sides of the issue and the hearing officer will settle the problem OR the District Attorney’s office may consider prosecuting the dog owner. 

5.   How many pets are allowed per household?

The City’s Municipal Code limits 3 dogs and 3 cats per residential lot/household in the City.

6.  What is the City’s Leash Law?

All dogs must be maintained on a leash no longer than 6 feet long when off the dog owner’s property.

7.  Are dogs allowed on the City’s beaches and parks?

Dogs are not allowed on the City’s beaches.  Dogs are permitted in the City parks, provided the dogs are on a leash.

8.  Where can I get a License for my dog?

Dog licenses are available at the County Animal Shelter/Care Center at 216 W. Victoria Avenue in Carson or by calling 562-940-8881 or by downloading the application on-line from the County’s website:  The City and County host an annual dog licensing and rabies clinic generally in the month of June at the Rancho Palos Verdes City Hall. 

9.  Dog License Fees.

Dog license fees are $60 for an unaltered dog, $20 for a dog that has been spayed or neutered (a certificate of sterility from a veterinarian is required as proof).

10.  What vaccinations are required by law?

All dogs 4 months and older are required by law to be vaccinated for RABIES.

11.  How long is a RABIES VACCINATION good for?

Three years.

12.  What should I do if I see an injured animal?

Call the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control immediately at 310-523-9566.  For your safety and to prevent further injury to the animal, do not attempt to move it.

13.  What should I do if a dog bites me? 

Immediately after caring for the wound, contact the County Health Department
Rabies Control Section and the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control to file an incident report.

14.  Who do I contact about dead animals?

Animal control will pick up any dead animals, provided a specific street address is given.  Encourage callers to call Animal Control directly at 523-9566.  If the animal is on the street, it is helpful to give the hundred block number, street name, direction of street (i.e. north-bound lane).

Any dead animals on private property may be picked up at the expense of the property owner.  For any dead animals inside or under a private home, a private company in the telephone book must be contacted for assistance. Click here to send a request for non-emergency animal control such as dead animal pickup.

15. Department of Animal Care and Control, County of Los Angeles Service Request (Non-emergency) (stray animal, animal cruelty etc.)

16.  Can I trap raccoons in my yard?

Residents may trap nearly any kind of animal (except any endangered species) on their own PRIVATE PROPERTY.  Neither the City nor Animal Control provides animal traps.  Residents may look in the phone book for animal feed stores or supply stores to rent a trap.  One popular feed store is Lomita Feed (326-4738).  Animal control no longer picks up trapped animal.  .

17.  What should do if I see a wild animal on my property?

If a wild animal comes onto your property, the best thing to do is to leave the animal alone.  Generally the animals will not return, unless there are attractive food sources on your property.  To prevent future visits, secure garbage can lids, pick up garden debris or fallen fruit, and take in uneaten pet food at night.  If the animal is behaving in a threatening manner or is injured, contact the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control immediately at 310-523-9566.  Do not attempt to capture or approach the animal.

18.  What should I do if I find a lost pet?

If the dog or cat has a license or an ID tag, you can call the phone number listed on the tag to make contact with the owner. If you cannot contact the owner or if the animal is not wearing a tag, the law requires that you turn in the animal to the animal control agency that serves the area where you found the animal.  By doing so, you will increase the chances of the owner finding his/her lost pet. Many well-meaning people keep lost pets at their homes, not realizing the animal's owner is looking for the stray pet at the animal shelter.

19.  When and how should I look for my lost pet?

If your pet is wearing a current license of ID tag, the County Animal Care and Control Department will make every effort to notify you and reunite you with your pet.   You are encouraged to visit the Animal Shelter at 216 W. Victoria Avenue in Carson to look for your lost pet.  Animals picked up within the City’s jurisdiction will be taken to this shelter and cared for.  Be sure to check all areas of the shelter and ask about any injured animals that may have been taken to a veterinarian or that were picked up dead off the street.  Be sure to leave information about your lost pet on the shelter's lost/found bulletin board.  It’s always helpful if you bring a current photo, if you have one.

20.  Where can I adopt a pet from the Animal Shelter?

Los Angeles County
Animal Care Center
216 W. Victoria
Gardena, California

M-TH 12p.m. to 7 pm
Friday, Saturday Sun 10am to 5 pm
Closed Holidays