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  • CEREMONIAL: Whale of a Day Poster Contest Winners
  • Urgent Item: Federal Stimulus Funds for Roads Projects
  • 8. Proposed Affordable Housing Complex (Case Nos. ZON2008-00649 and SUB2008-00008) on RDA Property Located at the NW Corner of Crestridge Road and Crenshaw Boulevard (Pfost)
  • 9. Zone Change Amendment Initiation Request (Case No. ZON2009-00053);
  • 9A. Second Amendment to the City Managerís Employment Agreement (Lynch)
  • 10.Planning Case No. ZON2009-00007 (Code Amendment and Environmental Assessment): Revisions to the Landslide Moratorium Ordinance (Chapter 15.20 of the Rancho Palos Verdes Municipal Code) to Establish an Exception Category to Allow the Development of Undeveloped Lots in Zone 2 (Fox)
  • 6. Mayorís Appointment to the LAX Community Noise Roundtable (Gyves)