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  • MAYOR’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: Remembering founding Councilmember David “Cisco” Ruth; Mayor’s Business Recognition of the Month: Clean Bay Program Recognition for Businesses
  • MAYOR’S ANNOUNCEMENTS:SCE Free Solar Information Session
  • PUBLIC COMMENTS: (This section of the agenda is for audience comments for items NOT on the agenda.)
  • 21. Residential Solid Waste and Recycling Rate Adjustments for USA Waste of California DBA Waste Management of Los Angeles for FY09-10 (Ramezani)
  • 23. Water Quality and Flood Protection Program–Annual User Fee Rate–FY09-10 (Singer)
  • 22. Appeal of the Planning Commission’s Approval of Case No. ZON2007-00046 (Variance and Coastal Permit) for property located at 24 Sea Cove Drive (Schonborn)
  • 25. Recreation Facilities Tactical Goal Update (Rosenfeld)
  • 26. Planning Case No. ZON2009-00007 (Code Amendment and Environ­mental Assessment): Revisions to the Landslide Moratorium Ordinance (Chapter 15.20 of the Rancho Palos Verdes Municipal Code) to Establish an Exception Category to Allow the Development of Undeveloped Lots in Zone 2 (Fox)
  • 31. One-Year Extension to the Current Five-Year Contract with Los Angeles County for Law Enforcement Services (Petru)
  • 32. Ordinance Amending Chapter 5.24 of the Rancho Palos Verdes Municipal Code (Massage Establishments and Technicians) (Lynch)