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  • 19. City Manager Employment Agreement (Bussey)
  • 12. City Advisory Board Chairs (Petru)
  • 8. Code Amendment (Case No. ZON2004-00265): Amendments to Various Sections of Title 15 (Building and Construction) and Title 17 (Zoning) to Regulate the Use of Cargo Containers on Public and Private Property [Continued from January 16, 2007] (Fox)
  • 9. Revision “EE” to the Trump National Golf Course Project (Pfost)
  • 10. Appeal to Planning Case No. ZON2006-00478 (Fences, Walls, and Hedges Permit) at 5962 Flambeau Road (Kim)
  • 11. Code Amendment Initiation to Encourage “Green Building” Construction (Dudman)
  • 5. Regional Housing Needs Assessment Status Report (Pfost)
  • 13. Affordable Housing Agreement for Tract Map No. 52666 Involving a Unit at the Seagate Condominiums Located at 6526 Ocean Crest Drive #A214 (Mihranian)
  • 14. FY06-07 Midyear Financial Report (Downs)
  • 15. Consideration of a Resolution Electing to Become Subject to the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act and an Ordinance Establishing Procedures for Bidding Procedures for Public Projects Under the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (Lynch)
  • 16. Clarification of the City’s Expense Reimbursement Policies for City Officials (Lynch)
  • 17. City Council Rules of Procedure (Petru)
  • 18. Tactical Planning Workshop (Petru)
  • 3. Border Issues Status Report (Fox)
  • 4. Separation of City Clerk and Assistant City Manager Positions (Bussey)