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  • CEREMONIAL: Whale of a Day Poster Contest Winners (Starr)
  • MAYORS ANNOUNCEMENTS: Conclusion of FPPC Investigation
  • PUBLIC COMMENTS: (This section of the agenda is for audience comments for items NOT on the agenda.)
  • CITY MANAGER REPORT: Storm Update and Appreciation
  • 12. City Advisory Board Chairs (Morreale)
  • 13. Tactical Plan for 2010 (Petru)
  • 14. Support for the League of California Citys Ballot Measure Entitled the Local Taxpayer, Public Safety, and Transportation Protection Act of 2010 (Petru)
  • 15. Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project: Conditional Use Permit No. 9 Revision E, Grading Permit, Variance, Minor Exception Permit, Master Sign Permit and Environmental Assessment (Case No. ZON2003-00317) located at 30800 Palos Verdes Drive East Appendix D to the Final EIR (Mihranian)