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  • MAYOR’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcement of APA Special Award of Merit for Planning Excellence in Implementation – Small Jurisdiction for Terranea Project
  • PUBLIC COMMENTS: (This section of the agenda is for audience comments for items NOT on the agenda.)
  • CITY MANAGER REPORT: Overview of Enhanced Recreation Programming; Update on San Ramon Canyon Stabilization Project
  • 10. Proposed Stadium Lighting at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School (Fox)
  • 8. Proposed View Restoration and Preservation Guideline Revisions (Alvarez)
  • 9. Conformance with the 2010 Annual Los Angeles County Congestion Management Program (CMP) (Kim)
  • 11. Planning Case No. ZON2010-00223 (Code Amendment Initiation Request): A Request to Consider Initiating a Clean-Up Code Amendment to Correct the Omission of Specific Plan District VII from Chapter 17.38 (Specific Plan Districts) of the Development Code (Fox)
  • 12. Initiation Request to Amend Conditional Use Permit No. 68 (Lunada Point – Tract No. 40640) (ZON2010-00185) (Trester)
  • 13. Resolution Opposing Marymount College Initiative (Stern/Misetich)
  • 14. Amendments to Administrative Penalty Ordinance and Resolution Establishing the Administrative Penalty Citation Schedule (Odom/Lynch)