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  • PUBLIC COMMENTS: (This section of the agenda is for audience comments for items NOT on the agenda.)
  • 4. Conceptual Designs for Lower Hesse Park (Odom)
  • 5. Processing Issues Related to the Proposed Annenberg Project at Lower Point Vicente (Mihranian)
  • 6. City Response to Resident Letter/Petition regarding Abalone Cove Nature Education Grant Application (Singer)
  • 7. Draft 2010 Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)/National Incident Management System (NIMS) Multi-Hazard Functional Emergency Operations Plan (Petru/Bonano)
  • 8. Municipal Area Express (MAX) (Raymond)
  • 9. Employee Health Insurance Premiums for 2011 (Mausser)
  • MAYOR’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: Frank Zerunyan, Calif. Contract Cities Assn.
  • 2. Future Agenda Items – Status Update (Lehr)