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  • MAYOR’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: City of Rolling Hills’ Contribution of CDBG Funds to Rancho Palos Verdes
  • PUBLIC COMMENTS: (This section of the agenda is for audience comments for items NOT on the agenda.)
  • CITY MANAGER REPORT: Update on Civic Center Facilities Assessment
  • J. Time Extension Request for a Site Plan Review and Grading Permit (Case No. ZON2009-00396); Mr. Thompson, 2700˝ San Ramon Drive (Kim)
  • M. Award Three-Year Maintenance Contracts for: 1) Landscape Maintenance Services for Parks; and, 2) Landscape Maintenance Services for City Medians, Corridor Improvements, and Weed Abatement for Rights-of-Way (Blanco)
  • Public Comments Continued
  • 5. Contract Amendment with Mia Lehrer & Associates for Skate Park Public Outreach (Howe)
  • 1. Draft FY11-12 Budget (Downs)
  • 2. Review of Draft 2011 Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (Downs)
  • 3. Draft 2011 Five-Year Financial Model (Downs)
  • C. Border Issues Status Report (Fox)
  • L. Additions to the Consolidated Loan between the City and Redevelopment Agency for Expenses Incurred during FY09-10 (Downs)
  • CITY COUNCIL ORAL REPORTS: (This section of the agenda is designated for oral reports from Council Members to report action taken at outside committee and association meetings.)