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  • MAYOR’S ANNOUNCEMENTS: Clean Bay Restaurants Recognition
  • CITY MANAGER REPORT: Status Report regarding SCAG Compass Blueprint Grant; Median Landscape Spraying on Palos Verdes Drive South; Ladera Linda Facility Update; McCarrell Canyon Fire Debriefing.
  • E. Agency Shop Agreement between the City of Rancho Palos Verdes and the Rancho Palos Verdes Employees Association (Mausser)
  • 2. Revision “ZZ” to the Trump National Golf Course Project – Proposed Hedge on Driving Range (Pfost)
  • 1. Proposed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Reallocation of Funds (Huey)
  • 4. Next Steps in Redevelopment Agency Dissolution - Compliance with Assembly Bill 936 Regarding Forgiven Debt (Downs/Lynch)
  • 5. Mayor’s Appointment of City Council Members to Intergovernmental Organizations, Associations and City Subcommittees (Morreale)
  • 7. Planning for January 31, 2012 Part 2 Council Goal Setting Meeting (Brooks)
  • G. City Council Meeting Schedule – Interviews of Applicants for City Advisory Boards & Chair of Each of the Five City Advisory Boards (Morreale)
  • K. Disclosure of Communications between the City Manager and Individual Members of the City Council (Campbell)
  • L. Ascertain the Current Amount of the City’s Unfunded Pension Liability (Campbell)
  • M. Conduct a Confidential Employee Workplace Satisfaction Survey of Current and Former City Employees (Campbell)
  • CITY COUNCIL ORAL REPORTS: (This section of the agenda is designated for oral reports from Council Members to report action taken at outside committee and association meetings.)
  • F. Initiation of a Code Amendment to Restrict the Number of Residential Garage Sales Peterson)