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  • PUBLIC COMMENTS: (This section of the agenda is for audience comments for items NOT on the agenda.)
  • 3. Border Issues Status Report (Fox)-(First Part-Announcement)
  • 4. Cool Cities Initiative – U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement (Park)
  • 5. Claim Against the City by Rollin Sturgeon (Park)
  • 20. Via Rivera Traffic Calming (Dragoo)
  • 18. Revision "FF" to the Trump National Golf Course Project – Extension to the Opening of the Golf Course and Driving Range [Continued from April 17, 2007] (Pfost)
  • 19. Appeal of Planning Case No. ZON2006-00240 (Height Variation and Site Plan Review) at 4249 Dauntless Drive (Kim)
  • 21. Code Amendment (Case No. ZON2007-00076): A Request to Initiate a Development Code Amendment to: 1) Waive Duplicate Penalty Fees for After-the-Fact Planning Applications in Certain Specified Circumstances; 2) Expedite Planning Review and Exempt the Reconstruction of Single-Family Residences that are Damaged or Destroyed by Fire from the City’s Neighborhood Compatibility Requirements; 3) Revise the Noise and Vibration Standards from the City’s Attached Unit Development Standards; and 4) Add a Requirement for the Construction of Temporary Framework Silhouettes for Multi-Family Residential, Commer-cial, Institu-tional and Cemetery Projects Requiring Approval of a Conditional Use Permit (Fox)
  • 22. Policy Regarding the Location of Affordable Housing Units in the City (Pfost)
  • 23. Consider Appointment of Alternate(s) to the Governing Board of the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) (Stern)
  • 3. Border Issues Status Report (Fox)-(Continued)
  • 12. Protocol for Habitat Restoration Projects in the City’s Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve (Rojas)