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  • 12. Code Amendments (Case Nos. ZON2007-00076 and ZON2007-00311): Miscellaneous Amendments to Title 17 (Zoning) of the City’s Municipal Code to: 1) Waive Duplicate Penalty Fees for After-The-Fact Planning Applications in Certain Specified Circumstances; 2) Expedite Planning Review and Exempt the Reconstruction of Single-Family Residences that are Damaged or Destroyed by Fire from the City’s Neighborhood Compatibility Requirements; 3) Revise the Noise and Vibration Standards from the City’s Attached Unit Development Standards; 4) Add a Requirement for the Construction of Temporary Framework Silhouettes for Multi-Family Residential, Commer­cial, Institu­tional and Cemetery Projects Requiring Approval of a Conditional Use Permit; and, 5) Clarify the Development Standards for Legal, Vacant Extreme-Slope Lots (Fox) [Continued from August 21, 2007]
  • 13.Management Consultant for the Organization-Wide Management Assessment (Lehr)
  • 14. Third System Performance Audit of the 2000 Cable Television Franchise Agreement with Cox Communications (Petru)
  • 15. Landslide Monitoring at Abalone Cove and Portuguese Bend; Budget Appropriation for the Joint Powers Improvement Authority Program (Motahari)
  • 8. Contract Extension CBM Consulting, Inc. (Dragoo)
  • 9. Additions to the Consolidated Loan between the City and Agency for Expenses Incurred During FY06-07 (Gyves)