Rancho Palos Verdes City Council


Consider Mayor McTaggart’s proposal to name the Forrestal Nature Preserve in honor of Jennette Mucha.


At the City Council meeting on June 12, 2002 Mayor McTaggart presented a proclamation in memory of Jeannette Mucha to Valerie Mucha, and said that he was going to propose to the Council that the Forrestal Preserve be renamed the Jeannette Mucha Preserve. The Mayor has asked that his proposal be placed on the City Council agenda for discussion.


Although the City has no formal policy for naming public facilities and sites in honor of persons, there are precedents. Fred Hesse Park and Community Center is named for a City founder, Robert Ryan Park is named for a former Mayor and Councilmember, Vanderlip Park is named for an original Peninsula landowner and there is a GPS monument named in honor of Dr. Perry Ehlig.

In addition to considering Mayor McTaggart’s proposal the City Council may wish to give staff direction to prepare a policy for naming of facilities and sites in the future.


Respectfully submitted,
Les Evans,
City Manager

John McTaggart