Rancho Palos Verdes City Council






Consider whether or not the City should plan a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of its incorporation.


September 7, 2003 will mark the City’s 30th anniversary of its incorporation in 1973. In the past, the City has acknowledged significant anniversaries with a variety of community celebrations and has used both internal and volunteer resources to plan, organize and conduct these events.

The City had a very large celebration four years ago to commemorate the City’s 25th or silver anniversary. This celebration included two community events, street banners and streamer decorations, a variety of souvenir items and special publicity, including a dedicated insert in the Daily Breeze and the production of a video by Palos Verdes on the Net. Planning and coordinating this celebration required the tireless efforts of a 25th Anniversary Committee made up of two Councilmembers, two honorary Chairs, nine volunteers from the City’s Committees/Commissions and three staff members. The Committee met on a weekly basis from April until November 1998. The burden on staff was significant and was the main function of the entire Recreation and Parks staff and the City Manager’s office for the majority of that year.

For comparison purposes, the 15th Anniversary in 1988 was completely planned and coordinated by the Recreation and Parks Department, at a time when that department had over 50 employees. The 20th anniversary celebration in 1993, when the City was in the midst of downsizing and facing severe financial constraints, was totally planned and organized by a resident volunteer committee, with almost no involvement by City staff.


Mayor Pro Tem Stern and Councilmember Clark have expressed an interest in planning a 30th Anniversary celebration that could include a formal dinner/dance and sponsoring a golf tournament. The logical site for this event would be the Ocean Trails Golf Course. In addition, the City may wish to offer souvenir items such as pins, shirts and wine glasses, as has been done in the past to commemorate the City's anniversaries. If the Council wishes to proceed with this type of celebration, planning should start now and the Ocean Trails Club House and golf course should be reserved. Staff recommends that any event be planned and coordinated by a volunteer committee, rather than involve City staff.


Although the actual event will not take place until FY 03-04, the Council included $15,000 in the FY 02-03 Budget to get a head start on planning and organizing the celebration. To date, there has been no investigation of the potential costs, revenues and sponsors for a 30th Anniversary event, other than staff confirming that the Ocean Trails Club House is available on several weekends in September and October. The cost to reserve the Club House is $3,000. If a volunteer committee is formed and recommends that additional funding be allocated to this project, Council could consider a budget adjustment prior to June 30, 2003 or decide whether additional funding is appropriate as part of the FY 03-04 Budget review.

Respectfully submitted,
Carolynn Petru
Assistant City Manager

Les Evans,
City Manager