Rancho Palos Verdes City Council







Decide whether to award a grant in the amount of $3,000 to School of Champions.


At the October 1, 2002 meeting, City Council considered a request from Ms. Libby Aubrey to award a City grant to a program called School of Champions during FY 02-03. At that time, the Council felt that it did not have enough information about the program and how the City’s funds would be used during the remainder of the fiscal year. Therefore, Council directed the applicant to work with staff to prepare a detailed description of program and re-submit the request to Council for consideration. Subsequently, Ms. Aubrey submitted a more detailed description of the proposed program to City staff.


In the attached supplemental materials, Ms. Aubrey describes the various programs that will be offered to Peninsula youth by School of Champions during the remainder of this fiscal year. The programs would be made available to the community through cooperative efforts with three local entities:

1. City of Rancho Palos Verdes

School of Champions is proposing to offer two types of classes at City park sites through the Recreation and Parks Department’s privatized recreation program. These would include Basic Bicycle Safety Clinics and Coach Certification Classes. Two Bicycle Safety Clinics are already scheduled on November 16th and 23rd at Ryan Park and will be approximately 1 hour in length. The Coach Certification Classes would be scheduled based on the number of adults interested in participating and would train volunteers on how to teach the School of Champions’ courses to students. The Kids Bicycle Trips have not been scheduled, but are proposed to include three one-hour rides during the spring (April, May and June) along scenic routes in and around the community. Because they will take place on public streets and not at City park sites (where bicycle riding is prohibited), School of Champions will need to coordinate these proposed rides through the Public Works Department.

2. Palos Verdes Unified School District

Programs proposed to be offered by School of Champions through the School District included "Train The Trainer," which would be the same program as the one offered through the City’s Recreation and Parks Department, and "Train The Kids" courses. The "Train the Kids" programs could be offered during school hours or after school hours, and can be provided at three different skill levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced), depending on the needs of the participating students. In order to encourage more children to participate, School of Champions will incorporate a "Win-A-Bike" incentive as part of its programs.

According to Ms. Aubrey, School of Champions is still in discussions with the School District on how these programs can be offered through its intermediate schools and high schools.

3. South Bay Wheelman Club

The South Bay Wheelman Club is a sister organization to School of Champions. Young adults participating in School of Champions who are skilled cyclists and own a racing bike will be able to gain additional coaching and experience by participating in the South Bay Wheelman Club’s riding clinics and regularly scheduled group race conditioning rides, which take place on the Peninsula and in the surrounding communities. The current list of scheduled rides is included in the attached materials provided by Ms. Aubrey.


On October 15, 2002, the City Council authorized staff to include a City advertisement in the 2003 Peninsula High School Yearbook for a total cost of $400. The ad will be paid for from the City’s Grant Program. Therefore, $950 currently remains in this fund for the remainder of FY 02-03. If the Council approves a grant for School of Champions that is greater than this amount, a budget adjustment will be required.


1. Approve a grant equal or less than the $950 remaining in the City Grant Fund.

2. Direct staff to return with a budget adjustment to increase the amount of funding available in the City Grant program for FY 02-03.

3. Deny the grant at this time, but encourage School of Champions to apply for a grant as part of the next two-year budget cycle (FY 03-04 & 04-05).


If the grant were approved by the City Council, School of Champions would be required to provide staff with proof of its status as a non-profit agency (Form 501c3) prior to receiving the funds.

Respectfully submitted:
Carolynn Petru
Assistant City Manager