Rancho Palos Verdes City Council



City Council authorize the Mayor on itís behalf to send correspondence to the other Peninsula City Councils, and the PV School and Library Boards, modifying the RPV Councilís previously conveyed proposal regarding the formation of a new Peninsula-wide elected officials standing committee to an ad hoc issue based forum of the Peninsula elected officials.


At their January 12, 2002 meeting Councilmember Clark proposed and the City Council discussed the merits and advisability of trying to form a new "Peninsula-wide Elected Officials Committee" made up of representatives from all four Peninsula City Councils, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District Board to comprehensively address Peninsula-wide issues of mutual concern, e.g., needs of Peninsula seniors, Peninsula youth recreational resources, increasing traffic and development. The proposal was that the Committee be made up of two Councilmembers from each City and two from the School Board as well as the City Managers and School Superintendent. The Committee meetings would be public and would require noticing.

There was general agreement by the Councilmembers that Mayor McTaggart would discuss the matter with the Mayors and School Board President at their next meeting.

On March 11, 2002 Mayor McTaggart reported that the Mayor and Mayor pro tem of Rolling Hills Estates were interested in meeting regularly but the other cities declined.

At the same meeting City Manager Evans stated that he received a call from the Rolling Hills Estates City Manager that afternoon and he reported that the majority of the RHE City Council decided not to participate. Mayor Pro Tem Stern expressed his disappointment because he felt many issues impacted neighboring cities and suggested that if the School District wanted to join Rancho Palos Verdes, possibly other Peninsula entities would follow.

Mayor McTaggart explained that the Mayors of Palos Verdes Estates and Rolling Hills felt that the monthly Mayorís Luncheon served the purpose of discussing peninsula-wide issues but that the representative from the School District seemed interested.

Mayor Pro Tem Stern moved, and Councilmember Gardiner seconded, that the City Council form the Peninsula-Wide Committee with the Mayor and Mayor pro tem serving as Rancho Palos Verdesí representatives and invite other cities to participate, including the City of Los Angeles through Councilwoman Janice Hahnís office. Mayor McTaggart suggested that a letter be written to the School Board and to Councilwoman Hahn. Mayor Pro Tem Stern suggested that the Library Board be invited also. Letters were sent to Councilwoman Hahn and the Library Board in March. There has been no formal response to either letter.



In light of the discussion and concerns raised by other Peninsula City Councils (RHE and PVE) regarding creation of another standing body (Peninsula-wide Elected Officials Committee), it would appear that this initiative could be constructively advanced by changing the focus from one of form to one of substance.

Modifying our proposal for a Peninsula wide elected officials forum to be issue based, rather than the formation of a standing body (committee) with regularly scheduled meetings, would potentially allow this initiative to be embraced by our fellow Peninsula Councils and Boards.

Given the overwhelming recognition that there are some significant Peninsula-wide issues, e.g., needs of PV seniors, PV youth recreational resources, increasing traffic and development, I believe we can move forward with our fellow elected officials and gain their support for conducting a first meeting focused on one or two major Peninsula-wide recognized issues: (1) the recreational needs of Peninsula youth, and (2) Peninsula seniors needs, early in calendar year 2003.

In summary, an ad hoc "issue based" Peninsula-wide Elected Officials forum comprised of the Mayor and a second selected elected representative, from each of the Peninsula Cities, and the Board Presidents and a second selected elected representative from the School and Library Boards, supported by their respective city managers, superintendent, and staff director, can meet and effectively advance common understanding and ideas/problem solving for key Peninsula-wide issues in the future affecting the quality of life for all Peninsula residents.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Clark

Council Member