Rancho Palos Verdes City Council






Establish the 30th Anniversary Celebration Committee and appoint City Council representative(s) to the Committee.


In the Fall of 1998 the City celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a series of social functions and the distribution of commemorative items. The month-long celebration culminated with a banquet for approximately 250 attendees at the Los Verdes Country Club on November 6, 1998.

The cost of the celebration, not including staff time, was about $25,000 and included hanging 25th anniversary banners on street lights on arterial streets; sale of commemorative coffee cups, wine glasses, shirts and sweatshirts; design and distribution of a 25th Anniversary lapel pin; and sponsoring a cocktail party and banquet. The program of events was conceived and directed by a committee made up of Councilmembers, representatives of City Committees, residents and staff. The burden on staff was significant and was the main function of the entire Recreation and Parks staff and the City Managerís office for about two months.

At the September 3, 2002 City Council meeting the Council considered whether or not to have a 30th Anniversary Celebration. Various suggestions for the anniversary celebration were briefly addressed, such as a formal dinner, a golf tournament, barbecue weekend celebration with concert band, nature hikes, and bike rides.

Councilman Clark suggested that volunteers from the community could serve on a 30th anniversary planning committee, lessening the workload of staff. Councilman Gardiner noted his support of an anniversary celebration and the suggestion for a community-based volunteer planning committee; suggested that donations be sought where possible; and he suggested that a weekend barbecue celebration would be something that entire families could participate in rather than a formal dinner event. Mayor McTaggart suggested the possibility of both an informal barbecue event and a formal dinner event.

It was the consensus of the City Council that an article be placed in the Cityís newsletter requesting volunteers who are interested in organizing this event -- a weekend barbecue celebration, golf tournament, bike ride, etc. -- and that the residents be able to send their suggestions for the celebration to the Cityís website; and that staff advise City Council on how much it will cost to put on various events. Below is the article that appeared in the Community Forum:

RPV IS TURNING 29-again. OKAY, it's really 30!! Most people pretend this particular birthday doesn't exist, but for the City, turning 30 years old is a cause for major celebration.

The City wants to commemorate its 30th anniversary of incorporation with a series of community events to be held between September and November of 2003. Preliminary ideas include a family picnic and barbecue, a bicycle ride, guided nature hike, a golf tournament and a formal dinner/dance.

The City is looking for resident volunteers to help with planning and organizing this 30th Anniversary Celebration. So whether you've been a resident of the City for 5,10, 20, or all 30 years, or even if you just moved here last week and like what you've seen so far, let us know if you want to be a part of this momentous anniversary. If you're interested in offering your time and energy to this project, please contact the City Manager's Office at 544-5205 or send an email to citymanager@rpv.com. Turning 30-it's something to be proud of.


As a result of the article in the Community Forum we have been contacted by thirteen people who are interested in assisting in the planning and implementation of a 30th Anniversary Celebration. If an event of this magnitude is to take place, planning should start now and the venues for banquets, golf tournaments and barbeques should be reserved. In addition, a planning committee should be formed under the direction of the City Council.

Staff representation on the Committee will include Assistant City Manager Carolynn Petru and member of our Recreation and Parks staff.


There is $15,000 in the current City Operating Budget to fund preparations for a 30th Anniversary Celebration. Until the Council determines exactly what should be included in the event, no estimate of total actual cost can be presented.

Respectfully submitted,
Les Evans
City Manager