Rancho Palos Verdes City Council




DATE: APRIL 29, 2003



Set dates and times for three City Council Workshops.


At their April 15, 2003 meeting, the City Council set Saturday April 26, 2003 as the date for the Tactical Planning Workshop. Unfortunately, that date did not work out for all five City Council members. In addition to the Tactical Planning Workshop the Mayor has asked staff to arrange a joint meeting with the Traffic Committee. Also, at the April 15, 2003 Council meeting there was a suggestion that a joint meeting with the soon to be appointed Disaster Preparedness Committee be planned.


The proposed Workshops should involve all five Councilmembers. With the summer months approaching and vacation plans being made, there may be no available dates for the suggested workshops until September. However, if the Council is so inclined, staff has identified some potential meeting dates.

There is a fifth Tuesday in July…July 29th, and another in September…September 30th.

Regarding potential weekend dates, the Council has already made commitments on the following Saturdays:

May 10 Community Leaders’ Breakfast/Budget Policy Workshop

May 31 Contract Cities Annual Conference

June 14 Docent’s Luncheon

Sept 6 30th Anniversary BBQ

The following Saturdays include three day weekends and are not good candidates for Workshops:

May 24 Memorial Day Weekend

July 5 Independence Day Weekend

Aug 30 Labor Day Weekend

May 3rd has previously been identified as a date when at least one Councilmember cannot attend. June 7th is a date when the City Manager cannot attend. There still remain several Saturdays in June, July and August that the Council may wish to consider.

Mondays also seem to be days when most Councilmembers are available, with the exception of the holidays on May 26th and September 1st .

Due to the difficulty of identifying dates when the five Councilmembers may be available, no attempt has been made to include dates when City staff or committee members may not be available. Staff and committee members will try to adjust to any workshop dates set by the Council.

Respectfully submitted,

Les Evans

City Manager