Rancho Palos Verdes City Council



DATE: AUGUST 19, 2003




Approve sending a letter of support for transferring MTA service along Routes 225 and 226 to other local transit agencies.


The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is proposing elimination of two bus routes that serve portions of the Peninsula. The routes proposed for elimination are:

Route 225 providing service to LAX - Palos Verdes Peninsula – San Pedro

Route 226 providing service along PVDS and PVDW to Redondo Beach

The resulting loss of service will not only inconvenience travelers and put more people in automobiles; it will also have the effect of swamping PV Transit during peak service hours.


Councilmember McTaggart and PV Transit staff met with members of the MTA staff, Redondo Beach staff and Torrance staff to attempt to find a solution to the problems that would result from the proposed MTA service changes. It was agreed that the MTA would continue to provide service along these routes at peak periods until other arrangements could be worked out. The anticipated solution includes expanding the PV Transit service as well as the MAX (Torrance) service to cover the discontinued routes. Councilmember McTaggart is requesting that the City Council support a solution transferring service to other local transit agencies and has prepared a draft letter to the MTA Gateway Cities Service Sector asking for their concurrence.

Respectfully submitted,
Les Evans for Councilmember McTaggart
City Manager

Attachment: PVPTA Draft Letter

Proposed Letter from RPV


Mr. Rich Rogers, General Manager

Gateway Cities Section Center

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority

7878 Telegraph Rd.

Downey, CA 90240

Re: Publicized Service Adjustments in the South Bay area

Dear Mr. Rogers,

During the past few months our Member Mr. John McTaggart and the PVPTA staff have taken part in several sessions regarding the planned elimination of Routes 225/226 in October. We thank you for the courtesy extended to us to make our feelings known as these services – as well as adjustments to Route 444 – are of great concern to PV Transit and the communities we serve on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

In advance of your public hearing on September 9, 2003 our agency herewith again wishes to express it’s dismay as to the discontinuation of these services as it virtually destroys the regional connectivity concept and leaves our citizens without a means to travel to and from the Peninsula via public transit. Furthermore, given the fact that the M.T.A lines are largely routed along PV Drive North, which is the most congested thoroughfare in the area, it really concerns us that the planned service adjustments will add to that worrisome situation and will have an adverse impact on the environment and air quality.

Given the current fiscal situation, it is realized that you are under a mandate to make substantial adjustments in the service levels. With that in mind our joint staffs have explored the feasibility to maintain a certain number of the heavy peak hour trips as elimination of same would place an undue burden on PV Transit, not to even mention the 250-300 passengers, utilizing these trips. Due to the fact that PV Transit has had to establish waiting lists on routes parallel to 225/226 our agency is not in a position to absorb additional riders at these locations and times.

Kindly consider this our official request to maintain the aforementioned services.

PV Transit also wishes to reiterate our proposal to commence meaningful discussions as to a possible transfer of these services at a future date at which time the issues equipment and operating funding are to be explored. This was first explored in 1998 as recommended by a MTA sponsored study.

Although we plan to be represented at the public hearing, we appreciate you making this communication a part of the record of the hearing.



August 19, 2003

Mr. Rich Rogers, General Manager

Gateway Cities Section Center

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority

7878 Telegraph Rd.

Downey, CA 90240

Re: Service Changes on MTA Transit Routes

Dear Mr. Rogers,

During the past few years the Palos Verdes Peninsula Transit Authority and its member agencies have closely followed the planned elimination of Routes 225/226. It now appears that these routes will be discontinued in the fall. As you know the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, although a member agency of the PVPTA, also depend on Routes 225/226 and other MTA routes that serve the Peninsula.

Obviously, we would prefer that the MTA continue the service provided by Routes 225/226, but understand the constraints imposed on your agency. The Rancho Palos Verdes City Council has been informed that representatives of the MTA, MAX, the City of Redondo Beach and PVPTA have explored various alternatives to provide limited service along the routes to be eliminated through transferring the routes to local transit operators. We also understand that the same representatives discussed the feasibility of maintaining the MTA service along Routes 225/226 during the peak hours until other alternatives to handle this service can be developed.

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes supports the idea of transferring the Route 225/226 service to local transit providers including PVPTA and MAX. We urge you to continue providing peak hour service along these routes until the plans for transfer of service can be finalized.

Douglas W. Stern