Rancho Palos Verdes City Council






  1. Approve the preliminary plans for an elevator at and building modifications to City Hall.
  2. Approve an amendment to an existing contract with John Cruickshank for engineering services to prepare final engineering plans for an elevator and building modifications at City Hall.
  3. Authorize the expenditure of up to $69,500 for the additional services.


On May 20, 2003 the City Council approved a Community Development Block Grant expenditure plan, which included the construction of an elevator at City Hall in accordance with a citywide plan to meet the objectives of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The City Council also awarded a contract for engineering services to develop a preliminary plan of construction. This report presents that preliminary plan.


It is clear that the best location for the elevator is in the vicinity of the lobby. This location is were members of the public enter City Hall, and it is central to building activities. Several locations within the lobby area were investigated.

The first location, Option One, investigated placed the new elevator within the footprint of the existing lobby near the base of the existing staircase. This option would deliver riders to the top of the staircase in the most efficient manner; however, given the relatively large size of the elevator, it would consume much of the existing lobby area. For this reason this option was found to be infeasible.

Two additional options, Option Two, and Option Three were investigated. Each place the elevator adjacent to the existing lobby, and immediately adjacent to

City Hall. These options would not reduce the size of the existing lobby, however, they do have a significant impact on existing working areas at City

Hall. Windows adjacent to employee working areas on both the first and second floors need to be sealed, and there is the possibility that vibrations from the elevator would be disturbing. Due to these impacts these two options were found to be infeasible.

It was determined that the best location for a new elevator is adjacent to the footprint of the existing lobby, but not immediately adjacent to the existing building at the approximate location of the front doors. This location will not consume any area of the lobby, and because it is separated from the existing building it will not impact staff work areas. This option will, however, impact the Recreation and Parks conference room. A window in that conference room which currently opens to the outside, will under this option open into the new lobby. While this is an impact, it is not considered significant.



Reduces size of lobby

Negative impacts to staff?


Within lobby area, adjacent to administration wing


Window in administration area must be removed.

Vibrations from the elevator immediately adjacent to a work area.


Adjacent to lobby, adjacent to administration wing


Window in the work area of the Finance Department will be removed.

Vibrations from the elevator immediately adjacent to a work area.


Adjacent to lobby adjacent to the recreation wing


Window in the work area of the Recreation and Parks Department will be removed.

Vibrations from the elevator immediately adjacent to a work area.



Adjacent to the lobby at location of existing front doors


Window in the Recreation and Parks conference room will look into the lobby rather than outside.

Revisions to the lobby area

The new elevator will require the lobby to be completely reconstructed as a two story open-air lobby. An open-air bridge / walkway will be constructed from the elevator to the existing second floor landing adjacent to the Finance Department. Staff envisions the new lobby to make extensive use of glass to maximize light to the building and view opportunity. See Exhibit D

As part of the lobby reconstruction, a more customer friendly counter will be constructed. The new counter will be in close proximity to where visitors enter City Hall. The new counter will be ADA compliant, and significantly larger than the existing counter. See Exhibit E attached.

Revisions to the entry walkways

Because the new elevator will create a new entry point to the lobby, portions of the covered concrete walkway at City Hall must be reconstructed. See Exhibit F attached.

Appurtenant structures

To service the new elevator a cabinet housing hydraulic equipment will be constructed adjacent to the building. The proposed location is adjacent to the monopole at the eastern edge of the Catalina Wing. New landscaping can mitigate the impact of this facility. See Exhibit C attached.

Additional revisions to City Hall

Staff also recommends that two additional revisions to City Hall, unrelated to the elevator, be made with the elevator construction. The first revision is the removal of a wall between the lobby and Public Works Department. This revision is recommended to create better connectivity between the Public Works Department and the lobby.

A second recommended revision is the construction of a full wall between the lobby and the "stairway" to the second floor. This will help to restrict access to the second floor and improve security. See Exhibit F.

Additional Information

Staff estimates a construction duration of three months for this project. During that time a temporary lobby must be established. Construction of the elevator will take place during regular business hours. Those construction activities that will create significant noise and other negative impacts to work place will be scheduled, to the extent possible, outside of working hours.


Adopting the staff recommendations will result in the preparation of final engineering plans for the construction of an elevator at City Hall, and associated building modifications. The plans will be advertised for bids and a recommendation for award of a construction contract will be brought to the City Council in December 2003.

The tentative project schedule is as follows:



Complete final plans

October 1, 2003

Advertise plans

October 15, 2003

Award construction

December 2, 2003

Begin construction

January 1, 2004

Deadline for the expenditure of Community Block Grant Funds:

March 2004


Staff estimates the total cost for this project at $250,000 - $300,000. The funding source is principally Community Development Block Grant Funds. Those two items listed above as additional items of construction, estimated at $ 10,000 are not likely CDBG eligible.

Respectfully Submitted,


Dean E. Allison

Director of Public Works



Les Evans

City Manager


Exhibits A through F

Proposal for additional services with John Cruickshank dated August 26, 2003