Rancho Palos Verdes City Council






Approve the recommendation from the Regional Law Enforcement Committee for CLEEP (California Law Enforcement Equipment Program) grant fund expenditures requested by the Lomita Sheriff’s Station.


Mayor Stern and Councilman McTaggart serve as the City’s representatives to the Regional Law Enforcement Committee. On August 28, 2003, the Committee considered a request from the Sheriff’s Department for an expenditure of CLEEP funds (see attached). CLEEP funds are provided to each city by the state for the purchase of high technology equipment to reduce crime and improve law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Department is requesting to acquire the following three items using CLEEP funds:

1. A color laser printer and a set of extra ink cartridges

The current color printer used by the Station’s Crime Analyst to produce crime alert posters, routine crime trend reports and charts and the summary charts included in the quarterly regional law enforcement reports, is approximately three years old and not commercial quality. The Sheriff’s Department is requesting to replace this existing equipment with a commercial-grade color laser printer that will produce better quality pictures, charts and graphics. The request also includes an extra set of cartridges for the new printer.

2. A laser mapping system for traffic accident scene diagramming

The laser mapping system would be used to create accurate computer graphic representations of serious traffic accident scenes. Due to the many curved roadways on the Peninsula, the Sheriff’s Department has indicated that the computer system would allow traffic investigators to greatly improve the quality and accuracy of the maps that accompany traffic accident reports. While the system is currently available through the Department’s Downtown office, it generally takes approximately four hours to have the system deployed to the Peninsula, assuming its not already in use somewhere else in the County. The current time lag requires Sheriff’s Deputies to remain at the accident scene for long periods of time to control traffic and delays the Sheriff’s ability to return the roadway to normal operation. If the equipment were available at the Lomita Station, the Sheriff has indicated that it would take approximately 45 minutes to deploy it to an accident scene during evening hours and could be immediately deployed during the day.

3. A Vericom computer that measures the speed, time and stopping distance of vehicles involved in traffic accidents

The Sheriff is also requesting a computerized device that measures speed, time and stopping distance of vehicles involved in traffic accidents. The system would increase the accuracy of estimating the speed of the vehicle(s) involved, based on data collected at the scene and takes into account pavement conditions, vehicle weight and evidence of brake application.


The total cost of these three items is $10,116.00. The Regional Law Enforcement Committee has recommended the same cost sharing formula of 60/30/10 percent that is applied to other regional law enforcement services. Under this formula, Rancho Palos Verdes’ share would be $6,070. The current unreserved balance in the CLEEP fund is approximately $54,500. No expenditure from the General fund would be required.

Respectfully submitted:

Carolynn Petru

Assistant City Manager


Les Evans

City Manager