Rancho Palos Verdes City Council






Make the following assignments: appoint an alternate to the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Board of Directors; and, appoint a representative and alternate to the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCOG) Transportation Oversight Committee (TOC).


Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

Representation to the Sanitation Districts (Sanitation District No. 5 and South Bay Sanitation District) is dictated by Health and Safety Code Section 4730-4735 and requires that the City be represented by the "…presiding officer of the governing body of each city…" (See attached Exhibit "A".) Traditionally, the City has been represented by the Mayor with the Mayor Pro Tem acting as alternate. The jurisdiction of the Sanitation Districts extends beyond the City’s boundaries and includes all of the cities in the South Bay area; each representative must file a Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700).

At the December 16th meeting when Council assignments were made, Mayor Gardiner announced that he would be unable to attend any meetings of the Sanitation Districts or be able to carry out the responsibilities of the office of Director for same. Councilman Wolowicz was then appointed to be the City’s representative.

Subsequent to that appointment, Councilman Wolowicz announced that he had a business conflict and, consequently, on January 20, 2004 both Mayor Gardiner and Councilman Wolowicz submitted letters of resignation to the Sanitation Districts. (See Attached Exhibits B and C.)

The Sanitation Districts meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month at 1:30 PM at Torrance City Hall, third Floor Assembly Room, 3031 Torrance Boulevard. Fifteen cities are represented at the meeting and each representative receives a $150 monthly stipend paid by the District. Also attending the meeting is the Chair of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (Supervisor Don Knabe). These meetings last approximately one and one-half hours, during which, the Chief Engineer of the Districts updates the directors on pending legislation, regulatory requirements, operation of District facilities and matters pertaining to both wastewater and solid waste management.

The next meeting of the Sanitation Districts will be held on Wednesday, March 17th.

SBCCOG Transportation Oversight Committee

The Transportation Oversight Committee (TOC) deals with transportation and infrastructure issues in the SBCCOG subregion as well as other related issues that may arise from time to time. When appropriate, the TOC develops recommendations for consideration and adoption by the SBCCOG Board of Directors.

The Committee works with representatives of each SBCCOG city to develop and carry out collaborative strategies for addressing mobility and goods movement issues and problems. The TOC also works closely with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), Caltrans and the County of Los Angeles to help insure that the South Bay subregional transportation needs are addressed. To help facilitate this effort, the TOC has two working groups – Transit and Infrastructure. These working groups, composed of member agency staff, develop, implement, and oversee various transportation related projects including the SCAG Overall Work Program, signal synchronization, and roadway improvements. The working groups report to the TOC and keep the TOC informed of the status, progress, and results of the various work products.

Within the next month, TOC will be considering the following:

  • The Ports and Their Impact on the South Bay
    • Transportation – traffic on I-110
    • 24 hour operations
    • Security
  • I-405 Arterial Improvements Follow-up & new grant application
  • Coastal Corridor Initiative - $3 million requested from federal government to advance this effort
  • Traffic calming – share experiences.
  • SR 91 and Vermont – impacts to South Bay cities
  • High Speed Rail and its future


Recently, the Executive Director of SBCCOG Jacki Bacharach announced that the TOC would like to invite council members to participate in the TOC. Representatives to the Committee do not have to be the City’s representative to the SBCCOG board; any elected official is eligible to serve on the TOC. Each member city has been asked to appoint a representative and an alternate.


City Council members represent the City at various intergovernmental organizations and associations that deal with public policy and legislation that directly affects the City. Because certain members of the City Council are unable to carry out the duties of the office of Director for the Sanitation Districts, Council now needs to appoint another member to serve on that Board. Additionally, the City is a member of the SBCCOG and has been advised that their Transportation Oversight Committee is seeking council members from their member cities to participate in the TOC meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Purcell


Les Evans, City Manager