Rancho Palos Verdes City Council



DATE: MARCH 30, 2004



Staff Coordinator: Nicole Jules, Sr. Engineer


Provide Staff with direction on how to proceed with Neighborhood Traffic Calming Citywide.


At the January 10, 2004 Tactical Planning Workshop, City Council established an action plan to meet jointly with the Traffic Committee to discuss and agree upon a plan to control speeding on a citywide basis.

The meeting is designed to provide an overview of the City’s current traffic concerns, the method at which concerns are addressed and the tools used to implement a solution to the concern. Three case studies will be discussed. Additionally, new ideas and new tools will be presented to the Council and Traffic Committee that may better assist us at addressing our traffic related concerns. A brief presentation of what other Cities are doing to minimize traffic impacts in their neighborhood communities will also be presented. Lastly, the City Council and Traffic Committee will have an opportunity to dialogue about citywide traffic calming with the intention of developing a mutually agreed-upon plan of action to control speed throughout our residential communities.


Staff receives traffic related requests from residents on a daily basis. Often times the requests are for stop signs, speed humps, striping, signal modifications, or even law enforcement presence to slow down traffic. Although stop signs and speed humps may or may not be the ultimate solution, the common concern is safety. Residents do not feel safe with the perception of excessive speeding and high volumes on their streets.

When traffic-related requests are received by Staff, a process is followed to efficiently address residents concern. An initial investigation is conducted to assess existing conditions, accident history, speeds, and volume data. The initial investigation may result in corrective measures that can either be done right away if it is low-cost remedy or in a recommendation to be forwarded to the Traffic Committee for consideration. The requestor is involved and informed of the recommendations and in some cases is required to submit a petition with the required number of neighborhood signatures. In the event the recommended measure is a costly solution and/or requires an ordinance, the recommendation is forwarded to City Council for approval.

The process that Staff follows is outlined in the City’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Manual. This manual outlines the tools that Staff uses to recommend a particular measure. These tools are commonly known as the 3 E’s of traffic calming; Education, Engineering and Enforcement. RPV utilizes the 3 E’s, however our emphasis in the past has been on the engineering, rather than education and enforcement.

Three case studies that exemplify our current process are the Basswood Speed Hump Pilot program, the Via Rivera Speed Reduction Pilot Program, and the South Eastview Neighborhood Traffic Calming plan. Each case identifies traffic calming measures that were used or proposed to address neighborhood concerns.

New ideas and new tools are needed to put an increased emphasis on the other 2 E’s of traffic calming. Staff will present a proposal for an enforcement program that addresses Education and Enforcement. The proposal is called Traffic Enforcement And Maintenance (TEAM) RPV. The goal of this program is to address enforcement as a maintenance or on-going tool as oppose to a one-time fix. This proposal introduces educational and community involvement elements that are missing from our current toolbox. This proposal will be something new, exciting, cutting-edge and unique to RPV.

Lastly, Staff will present findings from a League of Cities inquiry that was conducted regarding traffic calming in other cities.


Staff anticipates the presentation of our traffic calming problems, process, toolbox and new ideas will stimulate discussion on behalf of the City Council and Traffic Committee to devise a plan that will comprehensively address neighborhood traffic concerns on a citywide basis.

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Dean E. Allison Les Evans

Director of Public Works City Manager


Joint City Council/Traffic Committee Workshop Binder