Rancho Palos Verdes City Council



DATE: APRIL 6, 2004



  1. Receive the Open Space and Park Planning Summary Report and direct staff to post it to the website.
  2. Determine whether to continue with the current Task Force or recruit new members.
  3. Set a Joint Workshop with the Task Force (or successor to the Task Force) for a date to be determined.


The Open Space Planning, Park and Recreation Task Force has not met since its January 20, 2004 presentation to the City Council. At that meeting the City Council expressed an interest in receiving options for the development and use of park and open space lands rather than recommendations. Staff has prepared a summary report listing significant City owned properties and ideas for use and development generated by the Task Force, its various subcommittees and City staff. The Task Force is awaiting further direction from the Council.


On January 10, 2004 the City Council met in a Tactical Planning session to identify and prioritize major initiatives that it would like to undertake over the next two years. One of the four initiatives identified was to "Publish a Council-adopted Open Space, Parks and Recreation Master Plan including a Civic Center Plan." The timetable for adoption of the Plan is as follows:

    1. On January 20, 2004 the Task Force will present a status report to the City Council.
    2. By June 30, 2004 the Task Force will present a draft Master Plan to the City Council.
    3. By December 31, 2004 the City Council will approve a Master Plan and direct staff to recommend phasing of the plan.
    4. By June 1, 2005 the City Council will approve a phasing program and direct staff to proceed with design and financing plans to implement the phasing programs.

On January 20, 2004 the City Council received a report from the Task Force. After hearing the report and receiving testimony from the public the Council approved the following motion:

Councilman Long restated the motion as amended, seconded by Mayor Gardiner, to maintain Lower Point Vicente for passive recreational use only; recommend a budget of $15,000 to conduct a study of available sites for softball fields in Rancho Palos Verdes other than Point Vicente; direct staff to investigate and bring back action plans, budgets, and timetables for the construction of up to four softball fields at locations in Rancho Palos Verdes; and, direct staff to gather information necessary to support negotiations with the other cities on the Peninsula for softball locations on sites within their jurisdictions but not to return with action plans for those sites that are in other jurisdictions.


In view of the City Council’s recent action to conceptually approve future uses for the Lower Point Vicente site and to direct staff to identify sites in the City for girls’ softball fields, it may be worthwhile to re-visit the mission and remaining tasking of the Open Space Planning, Parks and Recreation Task Force. Considerable information and ideas have been developed by the Task Force, most of which have not yet been published or presented to the City Council or the public in a comprehensive manner. Attached is a report that is an attempt to document what has been accomplished by the Task Force to date. The Council may wish to review the attached material to gain a clearer understanding of the opportunities and constraints identified by the Task Force and staff, as well as the ideas and recommendations submitted to date for various properties.

Due to resignations over the past twenty months, the original thirteen-member Task Force now consists of eleven members. The Chair of the Committee recently resigned and one of the two Vice-chairs was appointed to the Planning Commission.

The City Council has a number of alternatives to continue the planning effort for the City’s open space and parkland. Among them are:

1. Appoint a new Chair for the Task Force (and possibly additional members) and provide direction to allow the Task Force to continue its work.

2. Re-form the Task Force into a Open Space and Parks Committee (with five to seven members) and task it first with submitting a proposal to the City Council on how to proceed to study and develop alternative plans for the use of the City’s open space and parklands.

    1. Disband the Task Force and direct City staff to work with the consultant to further refine and develop alternative plans for the use of the City’s open space and parklands and pursue the City Council initiative of updating the Open Space, Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

All of the above alternatives would require the assistance of the consulting firm that has been assisting the Task Force and City staff with the Master Plan over the past year and a half.

Finally, Mayor Gardiner and Mayor Pro Tem Clark have suggested that further work on the Open Space, Park and Recreation Master Plan be postponed until a joint meeting of the City Council and Task Force (or successor to the Task Force) can be held. They have suggested the fifth Tuesday in June (June 29th) for this Workshop. That date was previously scheduled for a joint meeting with the Planning Commission.

Respectfully submitted,

Les Evans

City Manager

Attachment: Open Space and Park Planning Summary Report