Rancho Palos Verdes City Council



DATE: APRIL 20, 2004

SUBJECT: PARKLAND DEDICATION FEES FOR FINAL PARCEL MAP NO. 27090 (Address: 30357 Diamonte Lane; Applicant: Michael Tramontin)

Staff Coordinator: Beilin Yu, Assistant PlannerRECOMMENDATION

Approve the acceptance of parkland dedication (Quimby) fees for Final Parcel Map No. 27090, pursuant to the City’s parkland dedication fee formula, in the amount of $10,368.00. BACKGROUNDOn November 19, 2003, the applicant, Robert M. Patterson, submitted Final Parcel Map No. 27090 to the Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Department for approval. As part of the Conditions of Approval of the final map, the applicant must pay the parkland dedication (Quimby) fees prior to approval of the final map. Pursuant to the City’s Development Code, the parkland dedication fee shall be determined pursuant to a set fee formula and accepted by the City Council. SITE PROJECT AND DESCRIPTION On September 23, 2003, the Planning Commission adopted Resolution No. 2003-44, approving Tentative Parcel Map No. 27090 to allow a two-lot subdivision subject to conditions of approval. The applicant’s approval allows an 83,638 square foot lot located at 30357 Diamonte Lane to be split into two lots. Lot 1 will be 46,207 square feet and Lot 2 will be 37,431 square feet. Since the subject lot was developed with a single-family residence, which was subsequently demolished, both lots are subject to the parkland dedication fee. CODE CONSIDERATION AND ANALYSISPursuant to Chapter 16.20.100 of the City’s Municipal Code (see attachment), as a condition of approval of a tentative tract or parcel map, the subdivider shall dedicate land, pay a fee in lieu thereof, or a combination of both, at the option of the City, for park and recreational purposes. However, if there is no park or recreational facility designated in the General Plan to be located in whole or in part within the proposed subdivision to serve the immediate and future needs of the residents of the subdivision, the subdivider shall in lieu of dedicating land, pay a fee equal to the value of the land prescribed for dedication. Where a fee is required to be paid in lieu of land dedication, the amount of such fee shall be based upon the fair market value of the amount of land which would otherwise be required to be dedicated. The fair market value of land shall be determined by the City Council using one of four alternative methods. These methods are: 1) the assessed market valuation established by the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor, if the land has been assessed within the last calendar year; 2) the sale price of land if sold within the last five years plus the inflation rate and any contingencies at the time of sale; 3) the sale of comparable properties within the last year; or 4) a land appraisal prepared by a member of the appraisal institute.The applicant submitted the Annual Property Tax Bill, which indicates the assessed market valuation established by the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor to determine the "fair market value" of the property. According to the assessed market valuation submitted by the applicant, the 83,638 square foot (or 1.92 acre) lot has a fair market value of $711,000.00. Using this appraisal, Staff calculated the per acre value of the property as $370,313.00 per acre. Based upon the fair market value, the calculation for the Quimby park fee is as follows:Market Value of the Subject Property (per acre) $370,313.00 /acremultiplied by: Parkland Dedication requirement 0.0140 acre per dwelling unit multiplied by: Number of dwelling units: 2 dwelling unitequals: $10,368.00As a result, Staff recommends that the total amount of $10,368.00 be paid in lieu of land dedication since Staff believes that the dedication of 0.014 acres of land in this area is not feasible for the applicant or the City, and such a dedication would not serve any realistic recreational purpose in that the General Plan does not designate a park or recreational facility in whole or in part in this area. Furthermore, Section 16.20.100(G)(5) of the Municipal Code states that only payment of fees shall be required in subdivisions containing fifty (50) parcels or less. Staff consulted with the applicant regarding the fee and he indicated that he does not contest the calculation of the fee and will pay it prior to approval of the final map recordation.CONCLUSION Based upon the above discussion, Staff recommends that the City Council approve the parkland dedication (Quimby) fee of $10,368.00


In addition to Staff’s recommendation, the following alternative is available to the City Council:

1. Identify any issues or concerns with the proposed calculation, provide Staff and/or applicant with directions in using an alternate method in determining the "fair market value", and continue this item to a future agenda.


Respectfully submitted: Joel Rojas, AICP Director of Planning, Building and Code EnforcementReviewed, Les EvansCity ManagerATTACHMENTS:

  • Chapter 16.20.100 of the RPV Municipal CodeAnnual Property Tax Bill