Discuss the policy issues raised by the Cable TV Subcommittee and provide direction to staff.


On November 15, 2004 the Cable TV Committee met to discuss various policy issues to bring forward to the City Council.

Attending were: Mayor Gardiner

Councilman Stern

Gabriella Holt

Ted Vegvari

Carolynn Petru

Les Evans

The following is a list of issues addressed by the Committee and their recommendations for the Council.

  1. Develop a plan to ramp up with programming so that when Channel33 is turned on, we have programming.


    1. The Committee agreed to provide the City Council Gabriella’s Monthly Programming Template for approval (attached).
    2. Issues before the Council will include (1) Is the proposed programming acceptable? (2) Should something be added or deleted? (3) Is the amount of air time proposed acceptable? (4) What percentage of time should be allocated to each type of programming? (5) How will programming be selected to fill the program slots?

  1. Evaluate Channel 3 status and next year’s programming.
  2. Recommendation:

    1. Select next years’ six franchise shoots: Suggestions for Council consideration include Country Fair, Whale of a Day, Mile Long Picnic, Ocean Trails Park dedication, two Community Leaders’ Breakfasts.
    2. Next years PSAs: Ask for City Council input. Note: A recap of this year’s PSA and Franchise shoots is attached.

  3. Finalize understanding with PV on the Net for quid pro quo technical support and what rate the City will pay for programming over that amount. Issues before the Council will include: (1) Amount of programming that PV on the Net will provide at no cost to the City. (2) Understanding of how PV on the Net will schedule programming requests. (3) Rates to be charged to other entities to utilize the Channel 33/PV on the Net facilities and services (a price list recommendation to the City Council). On these issues, Ted Vegvari has submitted the following information:
  4. PVNET's understanding is that the quid pro quo arrangement calls for approximately 12 City Talk Shows of varying lengths and approximately 16 PSAs.

    PVNET proposes that the hourly rate for additional productions and services be set as follows:
    $20/hour for interns
    $40/hour for PVNET staff
    $0 for volunteers

    PVNET will make it's best effort to not charge the City of RPV for additional productions and services.

    PVNET proposes charging a flat rate of $45/hour for other clients, and at PVNET's discretion not charging for services on a case-by-case basis.

  5. Decide what needs to go to the City Council, and when, so that we smoothly move to having channel 33 on the air and have resolved most if not all production issues.
  6. Recommendation:

    1. The subcommittee needs to develop a three-year plan for consideration by the City Council including both a three-year plan for developing programming and a three-year plan for developing equipment and technical improvements. For instance will we start with an automated Reader Board or simply a DVD player?
    2. The Fiscal Year 2004-05 Channel 33 budget includes $10,000 for professional services and $41,500 for the cable connection to the studio. To date expenditures for professional services are $3,414.

      Regarding future equipment and technical improvements, Ted Vegvari has submitted the following:

      Year 1
      Budget $70,000 for an office trailer behind the studio. There is so little space in the studio we cannot store sets and equipment. PVNET recommends permanently installing the CH33 scheduling and broadcast equipment in the trailer. Lead-time to procure and install a trailer is 60 days.
      Budget $5,000 to procure stopgap solution/equipment to broadcast content.
      Provide $25,000 operating budget with a carry forward of unused dollars.

      Year 2
      $150,000 for scheduling/broadcast/reader board system/equipment and satellite dishes.
      $25,000 operating budget with a carry forward of unused dollars.

      Year 3
      $150,000 for upgrades, maintenance of scheduling and broadcasting equipment
      $25,000 operating budget with a carry forward of unused dollars.

    3. The recommendation to Council should be for an initial trial period of six months once we have a connection to Channel 33, with a scheduled milestone review at the end of the that period.
    4. The City also needs to define the legal issues associated with allowing outside agencies using our cable studio facilities and broadcasting their productions on Channel 33.
  7. Discuss policies regarding utilization and non-politization of the channel.

a. Councilman Stern has suggested a policy that within six months of an election, no candidates would receive any Channel 33 time except for public forums and other equal access opportunities.

Respectfully Submitted,

Les Evans

City Manager

Attachments: RPV Monthly Programming Template

List of 2004 "Shoots" and PSAs

Agreement for Technical Services with PVNET

Notes for 11/15/04 Meeting to the Cable TV Committee