DATE: JULY 5, 2005



Identify desired Adjourned City Council Meetings, Workshops and City Events for the next four months; set dates and times for those meetings, workshops, and events; establish budgets, if necessary; and provide staff with instructions for special formats, issues and guests for each.


The year is nearly half over and it has been busy. Things may slow down a little this summer, as Council members and staff try to fit in vacation time. However, there are some scheduled events that the Council may wish to add to their calendars, as well as some events that may be scheduled.

The scheduled events and dates are as follows:

1. Annual Country Fair July 4th

2. American Cancer Society Relay for Life July 23rd - 24th

3. League of Cities Mayors and Councilmembers Forum July 27th – 29th

4. League of Cities Annual Conference October 7th – 8th

5. Contract Cities Fall Seminar October 14th – 15th

In addition to these dates, the Mayor has suggested that the City Council consider setting dates for the following Workshops/Events:

    1. Joint Council/Traffic Safety Commission Workshop
    2. Council/Sheriff Management Workshop
    3. Joint Council/Planning Commission Workshop
    4. Dedication of Ocean Trails (Halfway Point) Park
    5. First Live Telecast/Opening Ceremony for RPV TV Channel 33
    6. Fall Community Leaders’ Breakfast
    7. Holiday Reception in December


Joint Meeting with the Traffic Safety Commission

At their December 7, 2004 meeting the City Council created a Traffic Safety Commission and agreed that their charter would emphasize the need for the new Commission to be "proactive, originating and innovative." The recommendations of the Commission will focus on "alternative solutions" and will include "minority" reports. The City Council and the Traffic Safety Commission may wish to meet jointly to insure the Commissioners fully understand the Council’s intent. The Mayor has proposed Saturday, September 10th at 9:00 am for this joint meeting.

Joint Meeting with the Planning Commission

Historically the City Council and the Planning Commission have participated in a Joint Workshop each year. This year the Planning Commission has a number of new members who may benefit from discussing the Commission’s role as perceived by the City Council. The Mayor originally suggested Tuesday August 30th at 7:00 pm for this joint meeting. However, since we discussed that date Joel Rojas has advised me that he will be on vacation during the week of August 29th. Also, August 30 is the due date for mail-in ballots for the storm drain user fee and managing and counting ballots will require the full attention of the City Clerk and her staff that evening. In view of the number of meetings the Council is trying to set, a joint meeting in the Fall may be more feasible.

Council/Sheriff Management Workshop

At the City Council Budget Workshop on May 31, 2005, Captain Zuanich presented a report on the management of the City’s contract with the sheriff for public safety services. His report focused on law enforcement strategies, deployment of forces, time-keeping and budget management and analysis of crime and traffic statistics. The Council was particularly interested in whether or not routine patrol could be reduced in favor of additional traffic enforcement. The Mayor suggested that a workshop be scheduled to pursue this and other Sheriff contract issues. Mayor Clark suggested a workshop date on Saturday July 23rd. Unfortunately, some key sheriff staff is not available on this date. Captain Zuanich has suggested either Saturday July 30th or Saturday August 6th as alternatives. The Multi-purpose Room at Hesse Park has been reserved for both July 30th and August 6th, however, the Workshop could be held in the Community Room at City Hall. Mayor Pro Tem Wolowicz is not available on August 6th.

Fall Community Leaders’ Breakfast

Planning ahead for the Fall, Mayor Clark has suggested Saturday October 22nd for the Community Leaders’ Breakfast.

Annual Holiday Reception

Keeping with tradition, Mayor Clark has suggested Monday, December 5th for the Annual Holiday reception. Tentative plans are to utilize the multipurpose room at the new Point Vicente Interpretive Center for the reception.

Dedication of Ocean Trails Park/Opening Ceremonies for RPV TV Channel 33

Mayor Clark has suggested that the Ocean Trails park dedication ceremony be the first live broadcast over Channel 33. At their meeting on June 3, 2005, the Cable TV Committee discussed how the park dedication could be combined with an open house at the Channel 33 studio that would include interviews with the City Council and other community leadership as well as representatives from other local agencies who might make use of the studio and cable channel. The Committee agreed to propose to the City Council an all day event on Saturday August 27th that would commence with a morning televised City Council meeting from the City studio. The studio event would include live interviews of representatives from other agencies. At some point in the morning the City Council would recess and reconvene at about 1:30 pm at Ocean Trails Park for a park dedication and naming ceremony focused on honoring the founders of the City. This event would be supported by Cox Communications and would be televised concurrently on Channel 3 and Channel 33.

Since the matter was discussed at the Cable TV Committee meeting on June 3, 2005 more information has been developed. The park is still owned by the Trump organization and is not required to be dedicated to the City until such time as the eighteen-hole golf course opens for public play. However, staff does anticipate the turnover of the park property to the City prior to the end of July. There is currently a wedding planned in the Trump clubhouse on the afternoon of August 27th and they have asked that we not plan our park dedication during the wedding. It would be possible to do the park dedication in the morning and the Channel 33 event in the afternoon on the August 27th date.

The Mayor is also interested in promoting a "park naming" contest prior to the August park dedication. The extent of the proposed August 27th events would require funding for food, stage, sound equipment, tents, decorations, staff overtime and other costs estimated at about $13,500.

League of Woman Voters Storm Drain User Fee Forum

Judith Webb, President elect of the local chapter of the League of Women Voters, has indicated that the League would be interested in hosting a forum focusing on the proposed storm drain user fee.  We agreed that the forum should include presentations, or perhaps a panel, of proponents and opponents of the fee.  The League would publicize the event, arrange the format, invite the speakers and host it including providing a moderator.  We agreed that the forum should come after the June 21st hearing, but not right before or right after the long July 4th weekend.  The forum has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, 2005 at 7:00 pm at Hesse Park. Cox Communications will tape the forum for showing on channels 3 and 33.

Respectfully submitted:

Les Evans

City Manager

Attachment: Estimated Costs for August 27th Event



DATE: JUNE 14, 2005


Below are cost estimates for a) dedication of City parks at Trump National and b) Channel 33 kickoff events. Both events are scheduled for August 27, 2005.

Trump National Event:

10 or 11am August 27, 2005 Estimated attendance 150

Rented items: 12’x16’ stage w/ skirting/round tables w/ umbrellas/folding chairs/podium w/sound system/ delivery & setup/tent. City owned pop-up canopies to be used for food coverage or a tent could be rented as well.

Food: Tuscan brunch with variety of fritatas, grilled sausages, potatoes, fresh fruit, variety of juices, coffee: no alcohol Caterer: Miraleste Catering

Total equipment rental cost (not including tent) $2300

Tent (40 x 40 ft) $800

Dove release (40 doves) $400

Baroque Trio $500

Miraleste Catering $3500

(Continental Breakfast Catering option would save $1000)

Misc/Decorations/linens/table settings $500

Dedication Plaque $500

Total: $8500

Channel 33 Event:

August 27, 2005 3pm Estimated attendance 100

Rented items: 12’x16’ stage w/ skirting/round tables w/ umbrellas/chairs/podium w/sound system/delivery

City owned pop-up canopies to be used for food coverage or a tent could be rented as well. If no stage is needed, equipment rental costs drop to approx. $1300.

Food: Light lunch: Combination of hot & cold appetizers/ fresh fruit / cheese and crackers: no alcohol.

Caterer: Miraleste Catering

Total equipment rental cost (not including tent) $2000

Miraleste Catering $2500

(Cold appetizer only would save $1000)

Misc/Decorations/linens $500

Total: $5000

Estimated Total both events: $13,500