September 20, 2005 Beautification Grants Attach 1 September 20, 2005 Beautification Grants Attach 1 September 20, 2005 Beautification Grants Attach 1
Beautification Grants Attach 1
Grant No. Organization Project Description Amount Requested
16-001 Cornerstone Elementary School Replace rusted chain-link fencing with new wrought iron fencing $4,450.00
16-002 Seabluff HOA Removing grass and replacing with drought tolerant ground cover $3,449.82
16-003 Silver Spur HOA Repair front entry sign, stucco, & crack repairs $2,200.00
16-004 Palos Verdes Bay Club HOA Landscape improvements. Remove old trees & plant new. Remove overgrown plants and replace w/ivy $2,560.00
16-005 Seahill HOA Landscape improvements. Remove bushes & Lantana and plant new plants $2,985.00
16-006 Palos Verdes Seacliff Hills HOA Trees & Shrubs to be planted on City property west of PVDE & PVDS adjacent to 3303 Palo Vista Drive $3,000.00
16-007 Miraleste Elementary School Identity signs for the school $2,155.00
16-008 Stoneridge Palos Verdes HOA Install three "Stoneridge" lettering on existing entry wall $3,222.55
16-009 Courtyards HOA Construct 60' wall to connect to existing block walls along Toscanini $4,500.00
16-010 Seagate HOA Improve Landscaping $3,000.00
16-011 La Cresta HOA Stucco to existing block wall & place new pillars between existing $4,500.00
16-012 Roan Road HOA Install additional lighting around the entrance to HOA $3,000.00
16-013 Monte Verde Estates HOA Remove old Pittosporum along parking strips and replace w/ Gazanias $4,125.00
16-014 Mediterranea HOA Landscape improvements $1,535.00
16-015 Sea Breeze HOA Install 40 box Chinese flame trees $4,500.00
16-016 RPV Estates HOA Install drip irrigation lines & plant on slope $3,000.00
16-017 PV Library District Install metal lettering on keystone sign on PVDE & improve landscaping at entrance to Library $3,000.00
16-018 Rockinghorse Road HOA Replace existing floodlights w/energy efficient. Paint wood & wrought iron fences, landscaping around lights $3,000.00
16-019 Rancho Cresta Neighborhood Group Remove 4 trees & replace with Pepper's & landscape flowerbed @ front sign area $4,500.00
16-020 Ridgegate East HOA Install street print stamped asphalt at North Ridgecove Court on north side of Ridgegate Drive $4,500.00
16-021 Ridgecrest Rec & Park District Landscape median by entrance to Ridgecrest Community $2,840.00
16-022 Mira Verde HOA Remove sprinklers & plants & cement in planters $4,000.00
16-023 Upper Basswood HOA Repair existing entrance sign & landscape in front of it $3,000.00
16-024 Silver Spur Elementary School Replace chain link fence with new around kindergarten play area $4,500.00
16-025 La Cima HOA Install lighting fixtures outside main gate $3,000.00
16-026 Vista Pacifica HOA Replace sections of wrought iron sections that have disintegrated $1,125.00
16-027 Vista Del Pacifica HOA Replace existing wood signs with brass or aluminum and create sign for upper Rue de la Pierre $2,759.00
16-028 Seacrest HOA Construct neighborhood identity sign $4,500.00
16-029 Lunada Pointe HOA Beautify street corridors with drought resistant perennials $4,500.00
16-030 PV Penthouse Upgrade frontage with new landscaping $4,500.00
16-031 Villa Capri Landscaping & irrigation $4,500.00
16-032 Elkmont Neighborhood Assoc. Repair white rail fencing $4,500.00
16-033 Armaga Springs HOA Replace lighting system at front entrance. Upgrade existing sprinkler system $3,302.62
16-034 Sunnyside Ridge Road HOA Install 3-rail fencing and new sprinkler system $4,500.00
16-035 Wallace Ranch HOA Install 3 flower landscape islands on existing grass $3,692.50
16-036 Ocean Terrace HOA Install low walls around flower beds $4,500.00
16-037 The Hill Comm. Assoc. Trim foliage $4,500.00