City Council Minutes 05/08/2000 RPV, City, Council, Minutes, 2000, Meeting RPV City Council Minutes for the 05/08/2000 Meeting MAY 8, 2000 - ADJOURNED REGULAR MEETING




MAY 8, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 9:02 A.M. by Mayor Lee Byrd at the City Hall Community Room, 30940 Hawthorne Boulevard, notice having been given with affidavit thereto on file. Roll call was answered as follows:

PRESENT: Ferraro, McTaggart, Stern, and Mayor Byrd


Also present were City Manager Les Evans, Assistant City Manager Carolynn Petru; City Attorney Carol Lynch; Director of Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement Director Rojas; Director of Public Works Dean Allison; Director of Finance Dennis McLean; City Clerk/Administrative Services Director Jo Purcell; Director of Recreation and Parks Ron Rosenfeld; Accounting Manager Matt Burton; Deputy Public Works Director Marla Doyle; Accountant Robert Bowman; Senior Administrative Analyst Gina Park; Senior Administrative Analyst Judy Huey, and, Recording Secretary Jackie Drasco.


Staff suggested that the Closed Session be held first.

Councilman Stern moved, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro, to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried.


Recess and Reconvene: At 9:07 A.M., Council recessed to a closed session. The meeting reconvened at 9:15 A.M.


City Attorney Lynch reported that there was unanimous direction (4-0, with Mayor Pro Tem Lyon absent) to send a letter to Mr. Paul who represents homeowners near Ocean Trails.


Madeline Ryan, 28328 Palos Verdes Drive East, discussed the five-year financial model as it related to the purchase of open space.

City Manager Evans stated that Council policy has been to direct staff to furnish an annual five-year model, updated yearly by the Finance Department and presented to the Council in conjunction with the preparation and review of the budget. Also, budget policy issues are primarily new items not in the budget that the Council may or may not be interested in. Staff uses these issues as a forum for the Council to discuss whether they should be included now or in future budgets. This is the second year of the two-year budget. Apparently, staff planned well so there are very few changes for the second year.

Discussion points by Council were as follows: That Council should have the opportunity to advise staff about "hot button" items prior to this stage of the budget process; that there was dissatisfaction with the way staff handled the Basswood speeding matters. Other topics which might have been included on the agenda were cost of speed humps in neighborhoods other than the Basswood area; funds for dealing with aircraft noise; undergrounding; the state of disrepair of privately owned fences along arterials and beautification of medians; and increased traffic enforcement.

It was suggested that a public relations effort be launched to deal with repair of private fences along arterials; that the Recreation and Parks Committee be involved with beautification of medians; that repairs of sidewalks along arterials be undertaken; and, that a representative from the Sheriff’s Department attend the next budget workshop to discuss traffic enforcement.

Councilwoman Ferraro and Councilman McTaggart volunteered to form a Beautification Subcommittee.

2000 Five-Year Financial Model

Director McLean presented the staff report of May 8, 2000 and the recommendation to review and file the 2000 Five-Year Financial Model.

Director McLean explained fund transfers, budget amounts, and expenditures to date, and projected expenses for the PVIC cleanup project.

Followup items for additional information be provided by staff were as follows: Determine the cost of capping contamination at PVIC versus hauling it away; include a transfer of $500,000 from the EET fund to the CIP in FY 2000-2001 for additional construction of the Point Vicente Interpretative Center.


Recess and Reconvene: At 10:30 A.M., Mayor Byrd declared a recess. The meeting reconvened at 10:40 A.M.

Budget Policy Issues for FY 2000-2001

Assistant City Manager Petru presented the staff report of May 8, 2000 and the recommendation to discuss the budget policy issues and provide staff with direction regarding the inclusion of these items or others identified by Council in the proposed budget for FY 2000-2001.

Community Grants

Topics of discussion were grants for the Peninsula Seniors and the Symphonic Band.

Ann Shaw, 30036 Via Borica, representing Peninsula Seniors explained that the Peninsula Board Seniors had rejected the idea that Rancho Palos Verdes residents be charged lower dues since the City subsidizes the program. She explained that between 40-50% of the members are from Rancho Palos Verdes, 20% are from non-Peninsula cities or from the unincorporated areas of the Peninsula, 25% of the members are residents of Palos Verdes Estates, and that Palos Verdes Estates did not contribute to the Peninsula Seniors. She further stated that Rolling Hills Estates had donated $1,500 and had in the past provided a facility for the Seniors at the Shops at Palos Verdes shopping mall, which was lost during the remodeling. She said that overhead had tripled because the Peninsula Seniors were now renting a facility; that membership had increased, and that dues were $25 for a single and $45 for a couple.

Council discussion focused on how to support the Peninsula Seniors yet send a message to Palos Verdes Estates that they should participate in support of this organization.

Mayor Byrd said that he would bring up the subject at the Peninsula’s Mayors’ luncheon. Ann Shaw said she would make another attempt to solicit funds from Palos Verdes Estates.

Mayor Byrd moved, seconded by Councilman Stern, to provide the Seniors with $6,810, the same donation they received last year, and the additional requested $2,000 would be considered after a visit to a Palos Verdes Estates Council meeting. Motion carried.

Councilwoman Ferraro moved, seconded by Councilman McTaggart, to provide a grant of $1,000 to the Peninsula Symphonic Band. Motion carried.

Recycling Grants

After discussion of the review process and criteria, Council consensus was that staff should scrutinize the projects more closely to see if they merit funding.

Salary Range Adjustment

Assistant City Manager Petru explained that the proposed 3.4% salary range adjustments would trigger no immediate salary increases because this is not a cost of living increase. It would merely increase salary ranges making it possible for employees at the top of their range to receive an increase in pay at their next evaluation.

Councilman McTaggart moved, seconded by Councilman Stern, to approve the staff recommendation. Motion carried.

Council Mileage Expense Increase

Council discussed this proposal for an increase to $350 per month for the Mayor and $200 per month for the other Councilmembers, effective on July 1, 2000.

Councilwoman Ferraro moved, seconded by Councilman McTaggart to adopt the staff recommendation. Motion carried.

Employee Benefits

Assistant City Manager Petru explained that the City does not participate in Social Security and that 60 employees are eligible for CalPERS (Public Employees Retirement System). She said that the City pays the employees 7% contribution and because CalPERS investments have been doing well, the City has not had to pay the City contribution for two years but this could change in the future. Staff was seeking direction from Council to investigate improving the City’s retirement formula from 2% at 60 to 2% at 55.

Assistant City Manager Petru clarified that a change in survivor benefits from the current Level 1 to Level 3 would incur no cost but an increase to Level 4, staff’s recommendation, would increase costs

Councilman Stern, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro, to perform an actuarial study for benefits of 2% at age 55 and to increase the survivor benefit to Level 4.


Mayor Byrd moved, seconded by Councilman McTaggart, to approve the grants, as amended.

Civic Center Improvements

Sr. Administrative Analyst Park presented the staff report and five options for the Council to consider

Council discussion focused on the seismic safety of the facility and the need to perform a study.


Recess and Reconvene: At 12:00 Noon, Mayor Byrd declared a recess. The meeting reconvened at 12:15 P.M.

Further Council discussion included the need for soil testing to determine whether hazardous waste is present from underground tanks which were removed or armaments; the advisability of hiring a consultant familiar with old military sites.

Councilman Stern moved, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro to approve the appropriate studies to assist the Council in making decisions regarding improvements at the Civic Center site.

Pt. Vicente Interpretative Center

Director Allison presented the staff report, stating that there was time to study the situation before making decisions at this time; that there was no longer a need for urgent action.

Mayor pro tem Byrd moved, seconded by Councilman McTaggart, to set aside two million dollars for this project. Motion carried.

Revisions to Proposed Budget for FY 2000-2001

Assistant City Manager Petru presented the staff report of May 8, 2000 and the recommendation to review the proposed increased to the FY 2000-2001 budget and provide staff with any comments.

After a short discussion regarding each of the items listed in the staff report, Mayor Byrd moved, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro, to approve these changes. The motion carried.

Councilman McTaggart moved, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro to cancel the tentative May 15 budget workshop and discuss the 2000 Five-Year Information Technology Plan on June 21 at 6:00 P.M. before the regular meeting at 7:00 P.M.

2000 Five-Year Information Technology Plan

Continued to June 21, 2000 at 6:00 P.M.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:13 P.M. to May 16 at 6:45 P.M. to interview candidates for the View Restoration Commission. Motion made by Mayor Byrd






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