City Council Minutes 09/17/2002 RPV, City, Council, Minutes, 2002, Meeting RPV City Council Minutes for the 09/17/2002 Meeting



SEPTEMBER 17, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor McTaggart at Fred Hesse Community Park, 29301 Hawthorne Boulevard, and was immediately recessed to a closed session per the Brown Act Checklist. At 7:10 p.m., the meeting was reconvened.

Roll call was answered as follows:

PRESENT: Clark, Ferraro, Gardiner, Stern, and Mayor McTaggart

Also present were City Manager Les Evans; Assistant City Manager Carolynn Petru; City Attorney Carol Lynch; Director of Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Joel Rojas; Director of Public Works Dean Allison; Director of Finance Dennis McLean; Deputy Planner Director Greg Pfost; Associate Planner Dave Blumenthal; City Clerk/Administrative Services Director Jo Purcell; and Minutes Secretary Dianne McGivern.

Councilman Clark led the Pledge of Allegiance.


The winner for the recycle drawing was Carlos Faust on Tramonto Drive. Mayor McTaggart congratulated Mr. Faust and encouraged all residents to participate in recycling.


Mayor Pro Tem Stern moved, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro, to approve the Agenda as submitted. Councilman Gardiner requested to move the cable TV item as the first order of business after the Consent Calendar. Mayor Pro Tem Stern moved to approve the motion as amended. Councilwoman Ferraro seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Motion to Waive Full Reading

Adopted a motion to waive reading in full of all ordinances presented at this meeting with consent of the waiver of reading deemed to be given by all council members after the reading of the title.

Minutes. (301)

Approved the August 6, 2002 minutes with minor corrections.

Resol. No. 2002-80 - Register of Demands.


The motion to approve the Consent Calendar carried on the following roll call vote:

AYES: Ferraro, Gardiner, Clark, Stern and Mayor McTaggart
NOES: None

# # # # # # # # # # # #


Support of Local Cable Usage. (605)

Assistant City Manager Carolynn Petru presented the staff report. She addressed the issue originally put forth by Councilman Gardiner of whether there is a need in the community for more local cable programming opportunities. She directed the Council to reference the franchise renewal of the year 2000, noting the opportunities for local programming contained therein. She outlined three basic areas: government access, public access. Ms. Petru also mentioned Cox Channel 12 being a local commercial channel wherein Cox retains jurisdiction over programming.

Ms. Petru put before the Council a decision to be made regarding the use of RPV's rights under the franchise agreement. With regards to government access Channel 3, she pointed out that the city has not been maximizing the amount of programming that is available under the franchise agreement, primarily because of staffing issues and lack of time. She suggested utilizing a single individual whose responsibilities would include producing public service announcements, other 30-minute programs, and also the "Spotlight on RPV" program. This person could be dedicated to developing the topics, writing the scripts and working with Cox to get those produced.

Councilman Gardiner advised the Council of his placement of this item on the agenda. He commented that an educational opportunity for RPV students is available. He encouraged the Council to consider approving an additional channel hosting government/educational programming. He thought an unpaid volunteer could be recruited from the community to work with the high schools initially.

Kelly Johnson addressed the Council initially thanking Mayor McTaggart and Mayor Pro Tem Stern for their support in the past. Mr. Johnson informed the Council of the partnership that existed between Peninsula High School, El Camino College, and Cox Communications. He indicated that Councilman Gardiner and he have been discussing this opportunity for several years. He mentioned the goal of seeking out partnerships with entities such as U.C.L.A., or private businesses, indicating such associations with community leaders would be of great benefit to the proposed programming.

Councilman Gardiner suggested establishing a subcommittee to research possibilities.

Councilman Clark supported the plan and suggested that Councilman Gardiner be the subcommittee liaison.

Mayor McTaggart appointed Councilman Gardiner and himself to the subcommittee established by the Council.

Councilman Gardiner offered to report back to the Council in the form of progress reports, enabling the Council to make an educated decision at the appropriate time.

Mayor pro tem Stern suggested inviting Rolling Hills Estates to participate, but that RPV has no obligation to acquire their consent. The Council chose not to include other cities.

Larry Shaw, Director of Operations, Cox Communications, provided background regarding the KCOX 12 local channel. He represented that currently they are hiring a producer to replace Liz Brown. He stated that 10 to 15 interns from the high school are involved in the production classes at Cox Communications. The students will learn everything from production to editing. Mr. Shaw indicated that all of the schools have been wired with cable for four years. Fiber optics will allow the students to produce shows either live, taped or satellite.
Mayor McTaggart inquired into the current wiring within the schools.

Mr. Shaw stated that cable interconnects the live feed. There exist modems for high-speed data transmission. Cable converter boxes allow viewing from classroom to classroom. Cameras are also available.

Joseph Clifford, 30907 Rue de la Pierre, Rancho Palos Verdes, urged the Council to encourage Cox to support Netscape, indicating that in the past Cox had been a supporter. He pointed out that there also has been a $5 increase in fees imposed by Cox.

Mayor McTaggart expressed support in the review of the franchise agreement.
He suggested obtaining feedback from the public in the form of comments or suggestions to educate the Council.

Councilwoman Ferraro observed that there was unanimous consensus on Councilman Gardiner's proposal.

Councilman Gardiner, a member of the Council sub-committee liaison, stated that he would direct the formulation of a basic plan and present it to the Council.


Use of Federal and State Funding for Supplemental Police Services - CORE Police Team. (601 x 1206)

Assistant City Manager Carolynn Petru stated that conducting this public hearing fulfills the requirement for such a meeting, under obligation from the U.S. Department of Justice and the State of California, for receipt of funds to be used for supplemental police services in RPV, specifically, the CORE Police Team. Ms. Petru outlined the wide variety of services that are provided by the CORE Team, which consists of three Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies. She indicated that the State of California provides approximate $100,000 per year while the Federal government provides a grant for $15,581.

Mayor pro tem Stern expressed concern over the diminishing allowance provided to RPV, indicating that in the late 90's $25,000 was provided where now it's only $15,500.

Mayor pro tem Stern moved, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro, for approval of the staff recommendation to approve the continued use of LLEBG (Local Law Enforcement Block Grant) and COPS (Citizen Option for Police Services) funds to pay for the CORE Police Team to perform enforcement and crime prevention duties at the schools and commercial areas in the Region and in the parks and open space areas adjacent to and south of Crest Road. There was no objection.

Mayor McTaggart closed the public hearing.


Update on Construction of Palos Verdes Drive South. (1204)

Director of Public Works Dean Allison introduced a presentation provided by the developer of Ocean Trails containing some details regarding the landslide repair and the construction of PV Drive South.

Mr. Allison stated that the total cost for PV Drive South is about $3 million. The developer is paying for the entire cost of construction. He indicated that the City of Rancho Palos Verdes would be responsible for inspection services, which is currently a full-time position. He listed as a benefit of the project a much smoother and straighter roadway and pointed out that the intersection of PV Drive South and PV Drive East is being completely reconstructed. He recited the other benefits: off-site bike trails, off-road bike trails, landscape maintenance, a scenic turnout and rest stops for bicyclists.

Mr. Allison provided the status of the roadway project as being under construction, however the work now was limited to just utilities work at the intersection of PV Drive East and PV Drive South. He stated that the real construction of the roadway will not begin until October and that the projection completion time will be one year, June of 2003. He further stated that there would be a terrific impact on traffic; however, the intersection of PV Drive East and PV Drive South will never be closed. He explained the establishment of a hotline number that residents can call to get a weekly update about what's going to be happening that week. Another option is to visit the website where that information will be available

Terry Plowden, Senior Vice President, Douglas Wilson Companies, disclosed that his firm has been retained by PVH Property Corp. to oversee development and day-to-day operations at Ocean Trails. He reported that the grading portion in the landslide area is 75 percent complete. He stated that starting next month they would commence filling the final slot of the landslide repair excavation with completion some time in December 2002. He reported that restoration of the Ocean Trails golf course, the bluff top activity corridor area and the opening of the 18-hole course are projected to be completed in June 2003.

Mayor McTaggart asked for someone to point out the location of the landslide.

Mr. Plowden indicated that it is the area directly below Ocean Trails Park.

Doug Canzou, Douglas Wilson Companies, expressed enthusiasm with beautifying "that stretch of real estate," and that it would improve traffic flow, enhance pedestrian bikeways, public amenities, et cetera. Mr. Canzou introduced Jeff Propensky, who outlined the extent of the improvements. Mr. Propensky stressed the importance of keeping traffic in order.

Councilman Clark asked what the delays will be when construction is under way.

Mr. Propensky indicated the goal of limiting delays to 2 or 3 minutes.

Councilman Clark suggested putting signs up at the entry point of construction that reflect what the delay time is at certain points during the day. His thought was that people could then decide whether they will take an alternate route or continue on through.

Mr. Propensky stated that the contractors hired a traffic engineer who would be developing a traffic control plan that will correspond to the construction to keep traffic back-up at a minimum. He also discussed the traffic hotline number, 310-303-3209, will be available through Ocean Trails.

Director of Public Works Dean Allison indicated the hotline numbers will be posted on the website as well.

At 8:18 p.m., Mayor McTaggart declared a recess. The meeting was reconvened at 8:31 p.m.


Tina Bothamley, 30714 Via La Cresta, read a short letter regarding the Palos Verdes Landfill. The letter stated that the PV Landfill received toxic substances for burial. It stated that the Sanitation District encouraged her to limit her time at the stables and to discourage her children from playing, in the dirt. At the time, 1992, she owned a horse named Sylvester since then, Sylvester has died. She encouraged the Council to address this with Rolling Hills Estates if they had opportunity to.

Lois Larue, 3136 Barkentine Road, read a letter from Doug Cowan, regarding Ocean Trails. The letter informed residents of the upcoming meeting on September 18 and served as an invitation to the informational meeting. Ms. Larue pointed out that her tenant would like to know if a cap has been put on the Ocean Trails golf course as was promised. She invited the Council to come to her house to observe the land movement.
Ms. Larue reminded all that her son discovered the Abalone Cove landslide when he was a senior in geology at U.S.C.

Crestridge Properties. (701)

Deputy Planning Director Greg Pfost addressed the Council with a report on affordable housing and vacant properties. Mr. Pfost referenced a meeting in May 2002 when Council enlisted staff to prepare a matrix addressing various issues and alternatives in regards to affordable housing and available property to accommodate same. He directed the Council to a white notebook containing a proposal from Standard Pacific. He indicated that the affordable housing obligations are complex; that he would not be addressing them in this meeting. He then informed the Council that the PV Art Center withdrew its offer for the property.

He stated that the Exceptional Children's Network was interested in the property to develop an educational facility for gifted and talented children. He indicated there has been no correspondence since May from this group.

Mr. Pfost presented the proposal from Standard Pacific, which included the development of a 111 unit condominium project for seniors. They also propose to include a separate lot to build a senior center and also a public park and trails more focused on the RDA Site. He pointed out that Standard Pacific, in their proposal, included a general plan amendment and zone change, or zone text amendment, depending on Council's direction.

Mayor McTaggart inquired as to how much low and moderate income housing could be used on a senior project.

Mr. Pfost answered 18 percent of Redevelopment Agency funds can be used towards the senior project. All of the money in the In-lieu Housing Fund can be used.

Mayor pro tem Stern offered the figure of $1.3 million, indicating that 18 percent would not be sufficient.

Mr. Pfost pointed out that according to the Development Code, Standard Pacific must provide at least 6 very low affordable housing units or 12 low-income units at their cost.
He next addressed the Peninsula Seniors. He indicated that they prefer the Standard Pacific proposal because it provided a site for their use, a structure of 10 to 11,000 square feet. They have indicated that if the Standard Pacific proposal was denied that they still have an interest in the RDA parcel to build a senior center on that property.

Mayor pro tem Stern inquired as to how the Peninsula Seniors proposed to fund a building. Mr. Pfost stated that they had not provided such information.

Mr. Pfost next discussed the Affirmed Housing Group as an organization the City invited to address building an affordable housing apartment on the RDA site. The proposed building would include 5 to 10 units. They said they are in the business of doing things like that.

Mr. Pfost talked about the Corporation for Better Housing, a proposal that the City entered into a negotiating agreement with the developer. They are still unsure whether they prefer apartments or condominiums.

Councilman Clark confirmed that the City Council let the exclusive negotiating agreement lapse intentionally. Mr. Pfost agreed.

City Attorney Lynch pointed out that the original exclusive negotiating agreement expired. She stated that the Council entered into a second exclusive negotiating agreement, which also expired.

The next item Mr. Pfost addressed was the City View Park. This park could be developed for less than $100,000 and was located on the RDA site.

Mr. Pfost submitted that the final alternative is to do nothing; that this would be to hold the property in its present form and leave the decision for its best use at another time.

Councilman Gardiner asked how many of the proposals are still valid. Mr. Pfost answered that Standard Pacific, the do-nothing proposal and the Peninsula Seniors are the only viable options at present.

Councilman Gardiner inquired into the consequences of not going forward on any proposal. City Attorney Lynch indicated that a decision is not necessary until 2005.

Mayor pro tem Stern indicated that another five-year extension could be obtained under the present laws.

Councilman Clark pointed out that the question to be answered is whether or not the Standard Pacific proposal merits further consideration. He disclosed that he met with Mr. Steve Kaplan, Standard Pacific's attorney, and with their architect to review the proposal.

Councilman Gardiner stated that he attended a briefing at City Hall with the same two people plus one more whose name he could not recall.

Mayor McTaggart disclosed that he met with Steve Kaplan and two other gentlemen as well. He stated that the City policy was in conformance because four Council members disclosed their meetings with the developer.

Councilman Gardiner inquired into the availability of a matrix.

City Manager Evans referenced several lying around.

Mayor McTaggart referenced a problem in that the legislature does not want to provide low and moderate income housing as much as it does senior housing. He discussed the notation in the staff report that almost 19 percent of the current population in RPV is 65 or older. Furthermore, that within ten years it will be closer to 30 percent.

Mayor McTaggart invited Standard Pacific to give their proposal.

Steve Kaplan, 1983 West 190th Street, Suite 200, Torrance, Attorney at Law for Standard Pacific, addressed the Council. He indicated that they were looking for approval to begin the long process of entitlement, which could take potentially up to a year. He outlined briefly the different components of the proposed project. Included is a publicly accessible park along Crenshaw Boulevard wrapping around Crestridge. Also a condominium project that will have many services normally found within senior condominiums as well as a senior's center.

Councilman Clark asked for the relative size of the public park area. Mr. Kaplan responded approximately two acres in size.

Dan Withee, resident of Rancho Palos Verdes, business address of 1983 West 190th Street, Torrance, Architect, stated that he has lived in RPV for the last 40 years and has been an architect for 25 years. Mr. Withee described the proposed project. He indicated that in the corner, there would be an approximately two-acre park, a public access passive park, privately owned and maintained by the Crestridge Homeowners Association.

Mayor pro tem Stern asked for the distance from Crenshaw to the first structure on the east side.

Mr. Withee responded that it is around 100 feet. He continued to describe the 111 units of combined town homes and condominiums, ranging in size from 100 to 500 square feet. He indicated that one set has town homes with basement garages. He further added that there would be a central community recreational space with a full-time concierge and highly expanded menu of services, including transportation, laundry, housekeeping and meals.

Councilman Gardiner asked for clarification of "meals."

Mr. Withee described a method of ordering food and having it brought in from different restaurants. He explained that there will not be a kitchen per se, although there will be a dining area.

Councilman Clark inquired regarding the community pool as part of the proposed recreational center. Mr. Withee indicated that there is a pool.

Mayor pro tem Stern asked about grading and whether there was a soils report. Mr. Withee deferred that question to Mr. Boeker.

Mr. Withee continued to describe the peninsula senior site. It is his opinion that a 10 to 12,000 square foot senior center would be appropriate.

Alan Boeker, Standard Pacific, 1983 West 190th Street, Torrance, commented on the underground material, stating that it is a combination of sand stone and diatomaceous deposits. Mr. Boeker expressed pleasure that the Council had approved the Belmont project and suggested that the residents of the proposed senior housing would benefit from programs such as meal services, transportation and housekeeping.

Mayor McTaggart addressed the issue of noise while construction was being performed. Mr. Boeker described a temporary wall that would keep out the majority of the noise, as has been his experience.

Bill Baumann, 17 Cottonwood Circle, Rancho Palos Verdes, President of Peninsula Seniors, began by recognizing as a group the numerous seniors present. He pointed out that Peninsula Seniors have had meetings with Standard Pacific. As a result, they have expressed enthusiasm towards the Standard Pacific project.

Gene Hollander, 27100 Sunnyridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, Vice President of Peninsula Seniors Facilities Committee. Mr. Hollander expressed support for Standard Pacific. He outlined the qualifications of Larry Wolff as the architect on the project.

Mayor pro tem Stern asked about the projected costs of building a senior's center.

Mr. Hollander opined that the site would cost approximately $1 million. The construction of the facility itself will be approximately $2.5 million. He stated that there is a grant available of $75,000, which must be spent by July 2003. There is available a capital reserve fund which has been contributed to for the past five years. It was Mr. Hollander's belief that the concept design, location and site will enable the Peninsula Seniors to raise the remainder of the required funds.

Larry Wolff, WLC Architects, Cucamonga, California, suggested that after being involved for several years, it is his opinion that a facility of approximately 10 to 12,000 square feet would be necessary. He estimated that 36 to 45 parking spaces with some shared use of the adjacent development parking would be sufficient.

Mayor McTaggart asked of Mr. Wolff whether the $2.5 million would be sufficient to complete the project

Mr. Wolff responded that by the time the facility gets built, construction costs would be around $200 per square foot, resulting in a construction bill of about $2.4, $2.5 million.

Councilwoman Ferraro inquired into whether Mr. Wolff designed the senior center at Pat Nixon Park. Mr. Wolff indicated affirmatively.

Libby Aubrey, 29433 Indian Valley Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, expressed a sentiment of hope that there will be a senior center available when she reaches the age of participation. She complimented the project as presented by Standard Pacific, but questioned the adequacy of project. She provided a drawing that reflected an Olympic size pool, a health dome, within which there will be offered yoga and pilates exercise classes. Her design reflects 48 units with a larger park area in front that is open and spacious. Ms. Aubrey's drawing showed six low-income housing buildings.

Mayor McTaggart inquired of Ms. Aubrey whether she intended to submit her ideas as an alternative proposal to the Standard Pacific Project.

Ms. Aubrey indicated in the affirmative.

Mayor McTaggart advised Ms. Aubrey to contact the City staff.

Ms. Aubrey continued and asked whether there was some interest in her pursuing the matter, possibly in collaboration with Standard Pacific.

Mayor McTaggart again advised Ms. Aubrey to pursue the proper channels before making a presentation.

Barbara Arbuthnot, 28856 Crestridge Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, reminded the Council of the previous attempts to develop a project like this. She stated that there was a great amount of concern on the part of the residents; however, with the current project, the residents are more receptive. She referred to an article written by Josh Cohen concerning the Standard Pacific project in the PV News. She stated that the plan was outlined in such a way that residents were able to evaluate the plan and respond to it. Ms. Arbuthnot explained that the present plan is sufficient for a variety of reasons. First, it looked good and may work as it addresses many of the problems existing in the previous project such as ingress and egress, the park land is located on the corner opposite Ridgecrest with walkways, affordable housing dispersed throughout the project, and a senior's center RPV can be proud of.

Ray Mathys, 5738 Whitecliff Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, commented that after 35 years of reviewing undesirable plans, he congratulated Belmont and the Alzheimer's projects. He indicated that the current plan's provision is adequate. Mr. Mathys stated that seniors are to pay all operating and maintenance costs, but not construction costs. He proposed that all three cities contribute to the cost of building the center so as to avoid embarrassment. He complimented the provision for trails, however warning that predators may be a danger to the elderly and children. He encouraged careful consideration of this point.

Luella Wike, 29172 Oceanridge Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, began by pointing out that her residence would overlook the proposed properties. She encouraged the do-nothing alternative. She suggested waiting and observing the impact the Belmont Village Retirement Project when built to evaluate the impact on nearby residents. Her concerns included view impact, traffic and safety. She referenced a zone change and low cost housing. Ms. Wike's ultimate suggestion was to let the money revert back to the county or obtain the RHNA credit to transfer certain units within the 10-mile radius.

Linda Puentes, 5575 Mistridge Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, stated that her opinion mirrors that of Luella Wike.

Jack Downhill, 20 Vanderlip Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, disclosed that he is the licensed real estate broker who represented the interests of the Montessori school that made an offer to purchase the subject property. Mr. Downhill outlined that that project lacked much-needed amenities but provided some elements of a park, possibly. However, he felt it did fit within the zoning requirements as institutional and would be an attractive one-story building with quality alternatives for those with special needs.

Perry Cockreham, 5201 Middlecrest Road, complimented the project proposed by Standard Pacific. He stated that he had concerns about parking and pointed out that there seemed to be only 25 visitor spaces. He expressed apprehension regarding seniors and visitors parking across the street as a result of no parking spaces within the property. Mr. Cockreham agreed with Mr. Ray Mathys regarding the safety of the seniors if the trails and grounds have public access. He indicated a desire to keep the grounds as natural as possible. He also encouraged enlisting entities such as the Boy Scouts of America to become involved, thus allowing for their personal growth and goals while providing for the needs of the seniors and their center.

Claudia Smith, 3 Via la Cima, Rancho Palos Verdes, spoke in support of Libby Aubrey's proposal. She encouraged the Council to consider it.


At 10:32 p.m. Mayor McTaggart called a recess. The meeting resumed at 10:41 p.m.

Crestridge Properties. (701)

Steve Kaplan, 1983 West 190th Street, Suite 200, Torrance, indicated that other speakers had already covered the input that he would offer. He expressed hope that the Council would approve moving forward on the project.

Councilman Clark expressed support for the project, noting that still some research and further development was necessary to address the various concerns that were previously addressed by other speakers.

Mayor pro tem Stern indicated that the project is off to a very good start. He expressed concern over the density the project could bring. He indicated that he lacked appreciation for exactly what it would look like, but cautioned that the final project should blend well with its surroundings.

Mayor pro tem Stern stated that its institutional zoning should be addressed and that perhaps staff can educate Standard Pacific as to what amenities could be added to attain that status.

Councilwoman Ferraro expressed the same concerns as did Mayor pro tem Stern. She added that she would like to see a luxury-type facility that would include a dining room, pool, library, a theater and a game room.

Councilman Gardiner suggested narrowing the list of options to be able to take a clear look at the needs and whether provision has been made. He expressed support for the Standard Pacific proposal in the context of moving an acceptable proposal forward to the next steps. He further stated that this proposal was not selected; it was merely encouraged to move forward to the next steps. He complimented the Standard Pacific plan and encouraged future work on perfecting its contents.

Mayor McTaggart echoed the concerns that have been expressed. He added that the appearance of the building(s) is important. He advised against appearing too monolithic. He expressed disdain over the lack of a proper kitchen. He was also apprehensive about rezoning the small amount of institutional property left in RPV.

Mayor McTaggart expressed caution as to the future funding of condominiums, stating that he does not want the City to be involved with having to have a housing authority cover that aspect. Despite cautionary measures, Mayor McTaggart supported investigation by Standard Pacific in furtherance of the project.

City Attorney Lynch indicated that even with the addition of amenities, a zone change would still be likely. She followed up on Mayor McTaggart's comment regarding upkeep. She suggested a maintenance employee type of organization to implement not only the affordable aspects, but also on the amenities. She agreed that placing it all on the homeowner's association is not prudent, as they will not be equipped to handle the responsibility.

Mayor pro tem Stern offered that he is in agreement with Mayor McTaggart regarding the affordable housing element. He indicated that the Council is eager to complete that obligation ensuring the quality of the project

Councilman Clark moved to request the applicant submit a specific development plan within a reasonable time period, resulting in a presentation before the Council in a similar period of time. Mayor McTaggart seconded the motion, taking note that it does not preclude Libby Aubrey from making her presentation.

The motion carried unanimously.

Traffic Calming on Via Rivera. (1502)

Councilman Gardiner moved, seconded by Councilman Clark, to waive the staff report. Motion carried.

Senior Public Works Engineer Nicole Jules, presented alternative options for controlling traffic on Via Rivera. The first discussed was edge line striping, which is 4-inch white stripe approximately 8 feet from the face of the curb. This alternative being the most economic, costing approximately $1,000 to construct.

Ms. Jules next discussed speed humps. She advised that the engineers are proposing 5 speed humps from Hawthorne to Rue de la Pierre. The estimated cost is $40,000. In addition to the humps, a high visibility sign would be installed at each hump in both directions and also at the pit on Via Rivera. Alternative three, as presented by Ms. Jules, was to install six chokers, including a median in the entrance to the tract. The chokers are designed as raised curbs, about a 6-inch curb median with striping along the sides. Ms. Jules represented as the final alternative chicanes, the definition being a 6-inch curb extension. They can be landscaped. She indicated that having one chicane would not serve the purpose, but, rather, they need to be installed as a series to help reduce traffic
Councilman Gardiner suggested using neighborhood welcome signs, which would include speed-reducing phrases. He also offered that a "Residents only" sign is effective in certain neighborhoods.

Mayor pro tem Stern stated that the reason for its effectiveness is because people have an alternative route.

Mayor McTaggart stated that there is another route, but it is not as direct.

Councilwoman Ferraro offered that drivers would not be dissuaded from using Via Rivera.

Councilman Clark stated that people often speed through that area because they come through from Briarhurst at higher speeds and then continue their speed down Via Rivera. He indicated it was his wish that people would pay attention to street signs. He commented that the only thing they pay attention to is a ticket.

Steve Martin, Battalion Chief, Fire Department, reported that speed humps delay their response to an emergency up to a minute and a half. Also Chief Martin also pointed out that speed humps exacerbate existing conditions and cause new injuries to people in transport. Finally, he reported that the fire department has to replace major sets of springs in the fire apparatus because of the jolt of the speed bumps.

Mayor pro tem Stern inquired of Chief Martin whether the fire department has any reaction to the aforementioned traffic remedies. The Chief responded negatively.

Jim Sweeney, 30903 Via Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, stated that he has been working on this project for the past five years. He shared that shortly after they were there, a vehicle hit their daughter. Fortunately, she was not injured. Mr. Sweeney indicated that on December 6th, he sent a letter to Dean Allison reporting that the neighbors had been complaining about the excessive speed and they will not allow their children to play out in front of their homes even when they are being watched. Mr. Sweeney stated that when cars are parked along the side of the street, it is difficult for drivers coming down Via Rivera to see residents backing their cars out of their driveways. He referenced Mr. Ghadani, who lives nearby, has had his vehicle damaged twice and has observed five accidents in front of his residence. Mr. Sweeney said that it got worse when school resumed after summer break.

Eva Kolosvary-Stupler, 30211 Via Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, stated that she has lived there for 30 years. She offered a list of nine people who have died, including her late husband, within the last ten years. She commented that at least all of those people have needed emergency vehicle services to come to their respective houses. Ms. Kolosvary-Stupler also expressed concern over the children and their safety.

Joseph Clifford, 30907 Rue de la Pierre, Rancho Palos Verdes, confirmed that speed bumps are effective as he did his own test on Basswood with his own bicycle. He expressed support for the installation of speed humps.

Beverly Dunn, 30417 Via Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, objected to the speed bumps. She stated that Via Rivera serves as a main artery for those who live on that and the adjacent street. She indicated there is no other convenient ingress and egress. Ms. Dunn made the observation that with the neighbors posting signs that children are present that traffic has been reduced considerably. She urged the Council to consider an alternative to speed bumps.

Ann Shaw, 30036 Via Borica, Rancho Palos Verdes, informed the council that she has lived on her street for 36 years and utilizes Via Rivera as the only access out to Hawthorne Boulevard. Ms. Shaw spoke against the employment of speed humps. She commented that the traffic on Via Rivera is quite typical. She collected and submitted to the Council signatures of some 225 people on a petition against speed humps.

Mary Lou Sweeney, Rancho Palos Verdes, supported the installation of speed humps through a letter, as she could not be present for the meeting. She invited the first speed hump to be installed in front of her home.

Robert R. Harms, 30235 Via Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, stated he has lived there since 1968. He spoke against installing speed humps. He stated that accommodating 40 residents while affecting hundreds of other residents was not right. He suggested doing a study on what the wishes of the total community are rather than just limiting it to 40. He encouraged the use of police surveillance.

Richard Kodani, 30949 Via Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, stated that he has lived there for about 27 years and has been retired for the last six. He commented that he takes a walk every morning, between 6:30 and 7:30. He said that the speeding has increased as a result of cellular phones as people are more distracted. He expressed the sentiment that people don't want to be inconvenienced by installing speed bumps, yet they are the very ones who are doing the speeding and endangering people. He expressed concern over the many new families in the neighborhood that have children. He spoke against the alternatives, indicating that the upkeep and maintenance of the landscaping will be very expensive. Finally, Mr. Kodani added that he has witnessed five accidents near his house.

Andrew Cohen, 30224 Via Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes, addressed the concern that the children, while young now, will be driving soon creating even more traffic. He expressed support for speed humps as safety is of primary concern. He suggested policing and ticketing as an alternative as it is effective in PV Estates

Barry Hildebrand, Rancho Palos Verdes, introduced himself as a member of the Traffic Committee. He stated that by placing speed humps on Basswood, they were able to reduce speed by 6 to 7 miles per hour. He indicated that using the aforementioned alternatives as obstructive and dangerous, not to mention the fact that they take away many parking spaces. Mr. Hildebrand related an incident involving a ride in an ambulance. He described riding over speed bumps but knew that he was getting to the hospital quickly. He indicated the notion of slowing emergency vehicles down is absolutely ridiculous.

Bill Schurmer, Rancho Palos Verdes, member of the Traffic Committee, described himself not as an advocate of speed bumps, but as one of safety. He confirmed that speed bumps are the best alternative to keeping people safe.

Councilman Clark recited a practice utilized in Europe wherein cameras were installed to monitor traffic. He indicated it was very effective in keeping speeding at a minimum, as people who were speeding would receive automated tickets.

Councilman Gardiner was supportive of exploring the possible use of cameras stating that he had lived in Europe where these kinds of cameras were used to effectively stop speeding. He also emphasized that the choice to be made was the best way to slow or stop speeding, not whether or not one liked speed humps.

Councilman Clark moved, seconded by Councilman Gardiner that staff proceed to explore the use of a camera system in terms of its viability and possible legal complications, practicability and cost of using cameras. The motion carried 4 - 1 with Councilwoman Ferraro dissenting.

Landslide Moratorium Exception Permit: 4 Thyme Place. (1801)

Associate Planner Dave Blumenthal presented the staff report for the Landslide Moratorium Exception Permit at 4 Thyme Place.

Miles Pritzkat, architect for the project, gave a presentation of the project and answered Council's questions.

Lois Larue, 3136 Barkentine Road, spoke to the issuance of this permit.

Council discussion indicated a consensus that the proposed addition was too large and inappropriate for a location in the landslide moratorium area.

Councilman Gardiner moved, seconded by Mayor pro tem Stern, to deny the application without prejudice.

The motion carried on the following roll call vote:

AYES: Clark, Ferraro, Gardiner, Stern, and Mayor McTaggart
NOES: None

Staff was directed to prepare a revised ordinance that reasserts the 1993 limitation of 600 square feet additions as the maximum allowed in the Landslide Moratorium area.

Resol. No. 2002-81- Adoption of Revised Local CEQA Guidelines. (1203)

Councilman Gardiner moved, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro, to waive the presentation of the staff report.

Councilwoman Ferraro moved, seconded by Councilman Clark, to approve staff recommendation to adopt Resolution No. 2002-81. The motion carried on the following

roll call vote:

AYES: Clark, Gardiner, Ferraro, Stern and Mayor McTaggart
NOES: None

Ordinance No. 381 - Adoption of State Uniform Codes. (1203 x 201)


AYES: Clark, Ferraro, Gardiner, Stern, and Mayor McTaggart
NOES: None

Request to Oppose Legislation Concerning Pre-Emption of Local Authority and Property Rights. (306)

City Manager Evans gave a brief staff report on this proposed legislation which would prohibit a City or County from reducing, requiring or permitting the reduction of residential density on any parcel below the density that was used to determine compliance with the housing element of its general plan, unless the City or County makes written findings supported by substantial.

Councilman Clark moved, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro, to authorize the Mayor to send a letter on the behalf of the City Council opposing this legislation. The motion carried.

Term Limits Ballot Initiative Message for Website. (501)

City Manager Evans presented a brief staff report recommending that the Council approve a message describing the Council's request for citizen input regarding a possible ballot initiative establishing Term Limits for posting on the City website.

After discussion of amendments to the proposed language, Councilman Clark moved, seconded by Councilwoman Ferraro, to approve a message for posting on the website describing the Council's request for citizen input regarding a possible ballot initiative establishing Term Limits. Motion carried.


City Attorney Lynch advised that no action had been taken in closed session.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 12:50.

/s/ John C. McTaggart


/s/ Jo Purcell
City Clerk