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Project Location

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes’ Civic Center is located at 30940 Hawthorne Boulevard.  The site is approximately ¼ mile east of the Golden Cove Shopping Center on Palos Verdes Drive West and immediately adjacent to the Salvation Army College of Officer Training and the Peninsula Racquet Club.

Project History

The idea of developing a Civic Center at Upper Point Vicente Park is a concept nearly as old as the City itself.  The City’s General Plan, adopted in 1975, states on page 86:

“City offices are located on the Nike Missile Site under an interim lease.  The City’s goal is to acquire this site when it is finally disposed of by the Federal Government.  It is the City’s intent to use the site for a civic center and parkland. While the Nike Site is not in the geographic center of the City, it has the potential for becoming a strong focal point for the community.”

The City was successful in acquiring the Upper Point Vicente property from the Federal Government in 1979.  In the intervening years, the City has made several attempts to develop a master plan for the property (the earliest of which was in 1980), although none of these attempts achieved any real traction.  In the meantime, City Hall offices have been housed in the circa 1950’s military buildings on the site, with the addition of a few temporary trailers over the years.

The most recent movement to create a new Civic Center at Upper Point Vicente Park began in 2004, when the City Council established an Open Space Planning, and Recreation & Parks Task Force.  One of the Task Force’s areas of emphasis was the Upper Point Vicente property, including the Civic Center component.  That same year, the City Council identified the development of a new Civic Center as one of its Tactical Goals.  The concept for the property was further refined in 2008 with the preparation and adoption of the Rancho Palos Verdes Coast Vision Plan.

Proposed Master Plan

On September 2, 2008, the City Council adopted the RPV Coast Vision Plan following a significant public outreach effort.  The Plan includes a phased master plan approach to developing the Upper Point Vicente property as a fully-functioning Civic Center with the following elements:

  • Village Green
  • City Hall with Council Chambers
  • Community Center
  • Cultural Center
  • Shared Surface Parking
  • Trail Heads to surrounding open space areas

Over the last three years, the City has been preparing a variety of baseline studies and reports related to the Civic Center Master Plan.  The baseline studies are needed before proceeding to the next phase of the project, which could include finalizing the site plan, estimating project costs, selecting a funding source(s), and conducting an environmental assessment in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

  • Baseline Studies

To date, the following baseline studies have been prepared or gathered regarding the Civic Center Master Plan:

1986 Geotechnical Report (Upper Point Vicente Park Entry Driveway)
1987 Geotechnical Report (Proposed Recreational Facility Pad/Unpaved Overflow Parking Lot)
1988 Geotechnical Report (Monopole at City Hall)
2000 Seismic Hazard Evaluation for RPV Civic Center Buildings
2008 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Report of Upper and Lower Point Vicente (Part One)
2008 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Report of Upper and Lower Point Vicente (Part Two)
2009 Limited Site Investigation Report: Upper Point Vicente
2009 Preliminary Trip Analysis for Future City Hall Sites
2010 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment: Upper Point Vicente
2010 Hazardous Material Survey: City Hall Administration & Planning Building
2010 Thermography Report of City Hall and Ladera Linda
2010 Underground Utilities Map for RPV Civic Center Campus
2010 Civic Center Property Appraisal
2010 Civic Center Facilities Assessment
2011 ADA Assessment Report for City Hall Buildings and Grounds

  • Staff Reports and Other Relevant Materials

The following staff reports and other relevant materials are related to the Civic Center Master Plan:

2005 Draft Parks, Recreation and Open Space Strategic Plan
2008 Adopted Rancho Palos Verdes Coast Vision Plan
2010 Staff Report and PowerPoint: New Civic Center Financing Options

  • Historic Documents

Below are a number of historical documents that provide relevant background information regarding the Upper Point Vicente property and Civic Center project.

1976 LADA Nike Site Point Vicente Program of Utilization
1976 Reuse Analysis of Nike Site LA-55
1977 Property Appraisal
1979 Title Insurance Preliminary Report
1979 Policy of Title Insurance
1980-2000 Civic Center Master Plan

More Information

The project manager overseeing the Civic Center Master Plan is Deputy City Manager Carolynn Petru.  She may be contacted by telephone at 310.544.5203, via email at, via fax at 310.544.5291, or by U.S. Mail at the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, 30940 Hawthorne Boulevard, Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90275.

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