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Airspace Issues:

Note:  New LAX Noise Complaint Line Number:  424-646-6473

Airspace Safety and Noise Concerns: Who to Contact

The City of Rancho Palos Verdes is dedicated to assisting our residents with aviation safety and noise concerns.  While the City of Rancho Palos Verdes has no direct authority over airspace, the City takes airspace safety and noise impacts on our residents very seriously

Resident feedback is appreciated in the ongoing effort to mitigate aircraft noise concerns.  Knowing the type of aircraft and flight path is important in determining which airport hotline to contact.  Aviation activity over or near the Peninsula typically divides into two categories:  General Aviation Aircraft and Scheduled Air Transport.

  • General Aviation refers to all flights other than military and scheduled airline and cargo flights.   General aviation aircraft flying over or near the Palos Verdes Peninsula  often depart and land at Torrance Airport and are typically small fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters.
  • Scheduled Air Transport includes a wide range of jet and turbo-prop aircraft operating on regularly scheduled routes.  Scheduled aircraft flying over or near the Palos Verdes Peninsula are typically leaving or departing from LAX.

Filing a Noise Complaint:     When filing a noise complaint, please note the date, time, location, direction of aircraft, airline and flight number if possible (airline and flight numbers are available on WebTrak).


Click here to go to the Torrance Noise Abatement website, or call Torrance Noise Abatement at  310-784-7950.


Click here to file an LAX WebTrak noise complaint or call the noise complaint hotline at 424-646-6473.

Long Beach

Click here to file a Long Beach Airport Webtrak noise complaint or call the Long Beach noise complaint hotline at 562-570-2665.

Contacting Rancho Palos Verdes Staff

The public is encouraged to let the City know their thoughts and concerns regarding Peninsula airspace issues. Email staff at or contact Rancho Palos Verdes Senior Administrative Analyst Matt Waters at 310-544-5218

Click here to go the City’s List Serve to sign up to receive updates on aircraft noise abatement and other airspace issues affecting the City of Rancho Palos Verdes.

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