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Site Plan Review (CASE NO. ZON2014-00164 ) -3745 Vigilance) - 9/16/2014
Case No. ZON2014-00329 (Local Coastal Plan Amendment & Environmental Assessment): - 9/16/2014
ZON2014-00290 (Minor Exception Permit, Grading Permit & Site Plan Review) - The Canterbury - 9/11/2014
ZON2014-00235 (Site Plan Review, Neighborhood Compatibility) - 5541 Elmbank Road - 9/2/2014
Revision "DDD" to the Trump National Golf Course Project - 8/26/2014
ZON2014-00193 (Site Plan Review, Neighborhood Compatibility) - 8/25/2014
Special Use Permit - (CASE NO. ZON2014-00312) - 8/12/2014
General Plan Amendment, Zone Change, Environmental Assessment -(CASE NO. ZON2014-00143) - 8/05/2014
Case No. ZON2014-00099 (Grading Permit & Site Plan Review) - 8/05/2014
Special Use Permit (Case No. ZON2014-00217) - One Trump National Drive (Trump National Golf Course and Founders Park) - 7/28/2014
28642 Mount shasta-HEIGHT VARIATION (CASE NO. ZON2014-00181) - 7/28/2014
An Appeal of Direstor Approved Fence/Wall Permit (ZON2014-00202) - 7/22/2014
A revision to the Master Sign Program - (ZON2014-00144) - 7/22/2014
Site Plan Review - (CASE NO. ZON2014-00212) - 7/07/2014
Conditional Use Permit Revision -(CASE NO. ZON2014-00182) - 6/24/2014
Revision to Master Sign Program -(CASE NO. ZON2014-00240): - 6/24/2014
Public Hearing - Adoption of LA County Fire Code Title 32- 6/16/2014
Conditional Use Permit Revision - (CASE NO. ZON2014-00163) - 6/16/2014
Conditional Use Permit Revision - (CASE NO. ZON2013-00503) - 6/16/2014
Trails Network Plan Update Public Workshop - 6/10/2014
Adoption of a Resolution - 2010 Los Angeles County Congestion Management Program - 6/10/2014
Extreme Slope Permit - (CASE NO. ZON2014-00168): - 6/2/2014
Public Hearing - Title 10 - amending chapter 6.04 of the RPV Municipal Code - 5/21/2014
Height Variation & Site Plan Review - (CASE NO. ZON2014-00104) - 5/21/2014
Height Variation & Site Plan Review - (CASE NO. ZON2013-00510) - 5/21/2014
Meeting of the Planning - Review & discuss Climate Change Issues / General Plan Update - 5/21/2014
Consideration of Increases in the Cap - Residential / Recycling rates for Universal Waste Systems, Inc.- 5/15/2014
Consideration of Increases in the Cap - Single-family and multi-family residential rates for EDCO Disposal Corporation - 5/15/2014
Public Hearing - Rancho Palos Verdes Citywide Landscaping and Lighting Maintenance District - 15/2014
Site Plan Review - 6560 Sea Cove - (CASE NO. ZON2014-0016) - 5/12/2014
Site Plan Review Gradiing Permit, Height Variation & Variance - 30204 Via Borica - 5/12/2014
Special Use Permit (Case No. ZON2014-00119) - 5/6/2014
Grading Permit and Site Plan Review (Case No. ZON2014-00075)- 4/30/2014
Grading Permit & Site Plan Review (Case No. ZON2014-00039):- 4/23/2014
Height Variation- (ZON2014-00050) :- 4/23/2014
General Plan Amendment Initiation Request - (CASE NO. ZON2014-00055) - 4/23/2014
Height Variation, Site Plan Review -(CASE NO. ZON2014-00064): - 4/23/2014
Grading, Minor Exception Permit (ZON2013-00522):- 4/23/2014
Conditional use Permit -28041 Hawthorne Blvd. (7-11 Building) - 4/08/2014
Proposed Projest - 6508 Via Colinita - 4/08/2014
Height Variation, Site Plan Review (ZON2014-00058) - 14 Surrey Lane - 4/08/2014
Ord. 558 Los Angeles County Fire Code- Amending Rancho Palos Verdes Municipal Code
Ord 557 - Ordinance Amending Chapter 6.04 Animals
Ord 560 - Ordinance Requiring Approval of Director for Privately Owned Fences
Ord 559U -Ordinance Requiring Approval of Director for Privately Owned Fences
Ordinance 556 -Open Public Employee Negotiations
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