Rancho Palos Verdes Community Forum Fall 2001 Newsletter

Fall 2001

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98 Acres of Open Space Purchased with Measure "A" Funds

The City's purchase of the Barkentine Property from Palos Verdes Portuguese Bend LLC has been completed. As reported in the spring issue of the Newsletter, this purchase sets aside another 98 acres of open space, bringing the total to 308 acres of open space purchased by the City over the last five years. The other open space acquisitions included 53 acres at Shoreline Park transferred to the City from the County in 1997, and 157 acres known as Forrestal purchased from Diamond Brothers in 1996.

The Barkentine purchase cost $3.9 million and was paid for by Measure A funds, a bond measure approved by the voters of Los Angeles County in 1996.


State Still Threatens Raid on City's Revenue

Although the national economy is weaker than it was this time last year and the State is once again in financial difficulty, the City of Rancho Palos Verdes continues to retain a strong fiscal position. Our general fund reserve remains at approximately 50% of the annual general fund revenues, which is a goal of the City Council. Our major sources of revenue including property tax, motor vehicle in lieu tax, and utility user tax are all up over last year. Our expenditures continue to be well within our revenues even though many of our contractors have increased their fees for service. The major new programs introduced in this budget, undergrounding of utilities and beautification of arterial streets, are subject to a review of the City's financial situation and a finding that there are adequate reserves before any projects are actually funded.

Two years ago I wrote in the Budget Message, "...due to the January 1, 1998 deregulation of electrical utilities the revenues from the voter approved Utility Users Tax are down about $50,000." Now, two years later, due to staggering increases in the cost of energy we are predicting an increase in our Utility Users Tax revenue of $425,000. Property tax revenues are up by over 14% of our budget estimates of two years ago and vehicle license fees are up by 29% over the same period. These three revenue sources, utility users tax, property tax and vehicle license fees, make up 61% of our general fund revenues.

Currently, the State is suffering from severe financial difficulties; in the early 1990's this was remedied by raiding city and county revenues. In 1993 the State helped itself to 7% of the City's property tax. There is currently speculation that as much as 67% of our vehicle license fees are at risk. I will borrow one more time from my budget message of two years ago, "Our two biggest financial risks are a significant downturn in the economy or confiscation of city revenues by state government."

This two-year budget represents a continued emphasis on maintaining the City's infrastructure at the high standard desired by our residents. More than that, however, the budget sets goals for putting aside funds for building and beautification projects, embraces new technologies such as document imaging and use of the Internet, recognizes the need for long range planning through updates to the general plan and coastal specific plan, and acknowledges the need to retain good employees by providing competitive compensation packages and state of the art technologies.


Inspired by the Rugged Coastline

By: Tom Hollingsworth

When Rancho Palos Verdes was incorporated in 1973, it was a new city without a graphic symbol or logo.

As a resident of the newly formed City as well as an active participant in the appropriately named "Fourth City Movement," I was excited to be chosen to submit a design for a suitable City logo.

A professional graphic designer since 1956, I had created numerous logos for various organizations and businesses, including several for the Palos Verdes area. One logo of particular interest was created for the SOC Fourth City campaign in 1972. That logo featured a simplified coastline stylization and the colors blue and green, elements that found their way into the final Rancho Palos Verdes logo design.

A City Council Logo Subcommittee of Ann Shaw and Ken Dyda provided, gratefully, a hands-off role during the creative process-a process that took several weeks and involved literally hundreds of preliminary color sketches. During that phase, I explored graphic elements that would deal with history, the unique, unspoiled rugged coastline, vast open space resources, the quiet lifestyle and the promises afforded by a newly created city carved out of neglected county land.

Living on a Ladera Linda hillside with superb views up and down the Rancho Palos Verdes southern coastline provided great inspiration for the eventual form the final logo would take. That logo, as shown here, is, in fact, a simplified, stylized representation of the coastline seen looking southwesterly from my back yard.

I framed the blue and green stylized coastline panorama in a square format to give the logo stability and flexibility for the many future applications to City stationery, vehicles and signage. The colors I call "ocean blue" and "spring green" were chosen to give the logo a contemporary image and to symbolize the natural resources of the area.

During the graphic finalization of the land/sea coastline configuration, the letter "R" evolved as a design feature representing the dramatic cliffs and the ins and outs along the ocean frontage. The "R" is a useful design and recall feature, representing to many the first letter of the City's name. Graphic experimentation was also done to look at inserting the lighthouse or the Dominguez "swinging heart" brand in the green area before finally settling on using the date of incorporation instead.

In concert with designing the logo, I searched for a commercially available typeface to use for the words "Rancho Palos Verdes" when designing City stationery. Not satisfied, a custom alphabet was created for the exclusive use of the City on stationery and other collateral materials.

Ed. Note: Tom Hollingsworth was a member of the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council from 1995 to 1999. Prior to that, he was on the City's Recreation & Park Committee.


Popular Compost Workshop Returns

Attend this workshop and learn how to grow better flowers and bigger tomatoes. On Saturday, October 20, the City is hosting another composting workshop. The program will be held in the Hesse Park Multi-Purpose Room and will start at 9:00 A.M. and run until 11:00 A.M. This workshop will teach you how to compost, how to be water wise and how to reduce weeds and insects in your garden. The workshop is open to residents of the Peninsula and neighboring cities.

Rebates on Composting Bins

RPV residents who purchase a composting bin will be given a full rebate on a purchase price of up to $70. These bins are available at the "Do It Center" on Western at Caddington and other home improvement stores. Proof of residency and an itemized receipt for the purchase is necessary. For more information on this workshop or the rebate program, contact the Public Works Department at (310) 544-5252.


City and Land Conservancy Sign Agreement

The City and the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy (Conservancy) recently signed an agreement for management of the 163 acre Forrestal Nature Preserve. This property was purchased in 1996 with funding from several sources: the L. A. County Regional Park and Open Space District, the California Wildlife Conservation Board, and from the State Coastal Conservancy. The Conservancy played a major role in identifying this funding and in the negotiations that led to this successful acquisition.

The agreement, which was signed in June, accepted the Conservancy's offer to manage the property on the City's behalf. Under the agreement, the Conservancy will utilize its expertise and volunteers to undertake the day to day management of the Preserve consistent with the shared recreational and conservation goals for the property. The City will continue overseeing the maintenance activities.

To effectively manage the Preserve as an open space, coastal land resource and passive recreational park, a Draft Forrestal Management Plan has been prepared. The plan will be finalized upon completion of further analysis of existing geologic conditions.

Forrestal contains one of the best strands of undisturbed Coastal Sage Scrub in the City and serves as the habitat for the California gnatcatcher, the host plant for the Palos Verde Blue Butterfly, and other sensitive plants. With all of its natural beauty, the property provides wonderful passive recreational opportunities in a quiet and peaceful environment.

Trails on the property have spectacular views of the Peninsula's coastline and the quarry bowl area once mined by the Livingstone Truck & Material Company. Mining operations ceased in 1956 and after that a number of residential developments were proposed for the property. Those projects contemplated significant changes to the topography and would have resulted in dramatically different features than what appears there today. With the City's purchase of the property, that threat of development is now gone.


Market's Gone; School's In

The Golden Cove Shopping Center has been in operation since the 1960's and is now undergoing a major renovation. What used to be a grocery market is now the Peninsula Montessori School.

More changes are planned for the center: three new buildings, improvements to building facades, and the Golden Lotus Restaurant is planning a facelift that includes a second story dining room as well as an outdoor patio. A second phase of improvements for the center includes new signs, landscaping, perimeter walls, and outdoor lighting.

For more information about improvements at Golden Cove Shopping Center or the new Peninsula Montessori School, refer to the City's website at www.palosverdes.com/rpv.


Why Only Once A Week?

Residents have been asking why their green waste is picked up only once a week and not twice a week like the trash. The answer is simple: cost. Twice a week collection would add $3.75 to your monthly refuse bill.

Just as important, however, is the recycling aspect of separating the green waste from the trash. Green waste makes up 30% of the City's waste that is sent to the landfill. When green waste is collected separately, it can be used as mulch or as an alternative daily cover at the landfill. The City then gets a "diversion" credit which helps us meet the State mandate to reduce the amount of trash sent to the landfill.

Keeping the green waste uncontaminated is vital to this whole process and that is why a dedicated truck is used for green waste pick up. Get the cooperation of your gardener to insure that this waste is kept separated. If you need extra cans, call Waste Management at (310) 830-7100.

Your cooperation is needed to help the City meet these strict waste reduction mandates.


Recreation Leader
The Recreation and Parks Department
is accepting applications for the position of Recreation Leader,
with a pay range of $6.98 - $9.09 per hour.
Opportunities are also available for working with REACH, a dynamic program for youth, teens and adults with developmental disabilities. Program hours are weekday evenings and weekends.
Applicant must be a high school graduate,
have a valid California Driver's License,
and be at least 18 years old.

Call 310-377-0360
for City application

If you enjoy working with the public in a variety of park settings,
learning about the daily operations of local government,
and maintaining a flexible work schedule, apply NOW!

*Techno Interactive *Waste Management, Inc.
*Coach USA

*Rolling Hills Riviera Homeowner Association
*Long Point Resorts

*Ridgegate East Homeowners Association
onek & Wolowicz Accountancy Corporation
*DeLong & Associates Telecom Consultants
*Maureen & Patrick Ford, Karastan Rug Mills
*Bay Cities National Bank
*Alan K. Rubin, CPA
*Pacific View Homeowners Association
*La Cresta Homeowners Association
*Eastview Townhouse Homeowners Association
*Palos Verdes Family and Immediate Care
*RDS Wire and Cable
*George Bender Plumbing
*Rancho Palos Verdes Council of Homeowners Associations
*Sea View Residents Association
*Ocean Trails
*Marie Callender's
*SA Associates
*Small Wonders
*Red Onion
*Palos Verdes Bowl
*RGM LLC Katherman Co.*Mediterrania HOA

*Sun Electric
*Miraleste Hills HOA

*Trader Joe's


Looking For A Few Good Men and Women!

Tidepool exploration! Nature hikes! Educational opportunities! Conservation! Community events! Social activities! Los Serenos de Point Vicente docents are trained volunteers that have a variety of skills and talents who lead museum, nature and tidepools tours at Abalone Cove Shoreline Park, Ladera Linda, the Forrestal Preserve, and Ocean Trails.

Docent training will prepare you to share the unique history and features of the Peninsula with individuals and groups. The curriculum includes in-depth information on the natural, cultural and geological history of the Peninsula as well as the surrounding marine and terrestrial habitats. Field trips, local walks and guest speakers enhance the docent learning experience. For more information, call (310) 544-5264 or visit us at our web site at www.rpv.com/rpv. Be a Los Serenos de Point Vicente docent and make new friends while you make a difference.


Get Rid of your Obsolete Electronic Equipment

Now is your chance to get rid of the obsolete electronic equipment that has been gathering dust and getting in the way. On Saturday, October 27, the City and SoCal Computer Recyclers are sponsoring a recycle round up for obsolete computer equipment. The equipment that you recycle will help the City meet State-mandated goals for reducing the amount of trash going to the landfills. Obsolete electronics equipment is quickly becoming a significant source of material disposed of in our local landfills.

The roundup will take place on Saturday, October 27 between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. at the City Hall Yard, located at 30940 Hawthorne Boulevard.

The City has teamed up with SoCal Computer Recyclers to recycle electronic equipment safely and properly. Computers and printers can be broken down into their various components such as metal, plastic, and, of course, circuit boards. When this equipment is dismantled and recycled, these materials are reintroduced into the raw materials stream instead of the waste stream. Even the hazardous CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes) that contain lead can be rebuilt and made into new monitors.

Bring your obsolete computer and electronic equipment to this round up and you won't even have to get out of your car-place it in the trunk and it will be unloaded for you.

Any equipment that has market value will be resold: all information on the hard drive will be erased. SoCal Computer Recyclers will contact schools, churches and other non-profit organizations to donate useable equipment.

Only computers, monitors, printers, cables, keyboards, televisions, stereo equipment, telephones, VCRs, hand-held computer games and network equipment will be accepted. No software, furniture, white goods (washing machines, refrigerators, etc.), used batteries, microwave or conventional ovens, or non-computer related mechanical equipment will be accepted.

Call Rancho Palos Verdes Public Works Department at (310) 544-5252 for more information.


Fares Remain Unchanged: Passes Increase

PV Transit Fall services began on September 4, the first day of school.

Transit routes and individual fares remain the same, however, there have been changes in the price of various passes:

Individual fares (cash or tokens) $2.00 per ride
Between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. $1.00 per ride
Monthly passes (good for the calendar month) $60.00
Semester passes (good through January 25, 2002) $225.00
Annual pass (good through June 13, 2002) $425.00

Discounts are available for families with multiple users.

Passes can be purchased at the transit office by appointment. Tokens can be purchased at City Halls; passes will not become available at City Halls until October. To avoid overcrowding on certain routes only a predetermined number of passes will be sold.

Dial-A-Ride vouchers cost $4.00 and a single voucher will provide a one-way trip anywhere on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Two vouchers are required for a one-way trip to medical facilities off the Peninsula within a certain radius. Dial-A-Ride users can register at the Peninsula Seniors, the transit office or via mail. Call the PV Transit office listed below for information.

Telephone: 310 544-7108
Fax: 310 544-7109


Platform Takes Them Out Of Harm's Way

Two years ago the So. California Edison Company installed a nesting platform on a utility pole in McCarrell's Canyon. This installation was prompted by a fire set off by a hawk that touched the wires and fell into the canyon in flames. Residents have reported that a pair of hawks built a nest on the platform and that they are now the proud parents of three baby chicks.


Ho! Ho! Ho!

To "Breakfast with Santa" We Go!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 15 for some old-fashioned holiday fun with Santa.

Breakfast, crafts, carols, and pictures with Santa await children of all ages at Hesse Park from 9:00am to 10:30am. Bring your camera!

Children & Adults, $6 each. Registration forms at Hesse Park. Call the North Pole at 541-8114 for more information. All proceeds benefit the RPV REACH Program for young adults with developmental disabilities.

Sign up today!
Santa's sleigh is on the way!


Lomita Station Has Safety Plan

The Lomita Station has a comprehensive School Safety Plan for every school, both public and private, in the region. These plans have been discussed with each of the school administrators, the district superintendents, and the Lomita Station's patrol personnel. The CORE (Community Resource) deputies, who primarily focus on juvenile matters, are responsible for maintaining and updating these plans.

CORE deputies attend PTA meetings and frequently meet with school staff, including daily contacts with secondary school principals, as well as district officials. They also participate on Student Attendance Review Boards (SARB) and the School Principal Information Network (SPIN). Moreover, they make it a point to speak with school counselors and psychologists on a regular basis.

At Peninsula High School, these deputies participate in the Student and the Law classes that provide yet another opportunity for the students and deputies to keep open all channels of communication.

The CORE team has targeted before and after school hangouts and the deputies often have morning coffee or lunch with students. During their daily patrol of the school campuses, the deputies are easily identified and students are not apprehensive about approaching them. This high-visibility presence has proven valuable in gathering information and for heading off problems.

The CORE deputy program is a cooperative public safety program of the Cities of Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills Estates, and Rolling Hills. Funding comes from state and federal grants and from a contribution from the Peninsula Merchants Association.


Clear the Way for the Sweeper

September 22 is the first day of autumn and brings about not only a change in the weather but also an increase in the volume of leaves and other foliage in our yards and on our streets. Although the City's street sweeping schedules will not be changed, except for one additional Citywide sweep prior to the rainy season, there are a few things residents can do to help keep the streets clean:

  • Place lawn clippings and leaves in the green waste container for pickup.
  • Avoid watering the yard or washing your vehicles on the day your street is scheduled for sweeping. Water weighs down leaves and other debris and makes it difficult for the sweeper to pick up.
  • Remove any obvious piles of debris from the gutter. Sweepers intentionally avoid picking up piles of debris because there may be objects that could damage the equipment.
  • Park cars or other vehicles in your driveway or garage instead of on the street on street sweeping day.

Every resident can make a difference.


Don't be Left at the Curb!

All containers are to be at the curb by 7 a.m. on collection day.

Waste Management (310) 830-7100

Call Waste Management if you need an additional blue container for recyclable material: paper, newspaper, cans, bottles, glass, junk mail, and cardboard. Additional green containers are also available for green or yard waste such as branches, leaves, and grass clippings. There is no charge for these additional containers.

Waste Management picks up recyclables only on the first collection day of the week. They pick up green waste on the second collection day of the week; trash is picked-up on both days.

October: No Changes

November: There will be no service on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. Monday and Thursday routes will be serviced on Monday, November 19th and Friday, November 23. Tuesday and Friday routes will be serviced on Tuesday, November 20 and Saturday, November 24.

December: There will be no service on Christmas Day, Tuesday, December 25. Trash and recyclables scheduled for pick up on that date will instead be picked-up on Wednesday, December 26. There will be no change in the Thursday and Friday collections.

January: There will be no service on New Year's Day, Tuesday, January 1. Trash and recyclables scheduled for pick up on that date will instead be picked-up on Wednesday, January 2. There will be no change in the Thursday and Friday collections.

Ivy Rubbish (310) 530-2899

October: No Changes

November: There will be no service on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22. Recycling scheduled for pick-up on Thursday will be picked up instead on Monday, November 26.

December: There will be no service on Christmas Day, Tuesday, December 25. Trash and recycling pick ups scheduled for Tuesday will be picked up instead on Friday, December 28.

January: There will be trash collection as usual. Recycling pick ups scheduled for Tuesday, will instead be picked-up on Friday, January 4.

Senior Discounts

If you are a senior 65 years and older, contact your waste hauler and apply for a senior citizen discount. If you pay annually, you are also entitled to an annual pre-payment discount.


During October residents will start receiving new phone books from GTE, Pacific Bell, etc. Old books can be recycled; put them in the blue recycling container. Apartment and condominium dwellers should put them in the recycling bin along with old newspapers.


The Scoop on Motorized Scooters

The motorized scooter has become a very popular mode of transportation, especially for young teens. Recent changes in the California Vehicle Code apply to the operation of these scooters and are enforced by the Sheriff's Department.

A motorized scooter is defined as ".a two-wheeled device that has handlebars, is designed to be stood on or sat upon by the operator and is powered by an electric motor, or source other than an electric motor, capable of propelling the device with or without human propulsion." Neither a driver's license or a vehicle registration is required to operate a motorized scooter. However, there are several California Vehicle Codes that are enforced in Rancho Palos Verdes: the operator must be at least 16 years of age, a scooter cannot be ridden on the sidewalk and must be ridden as close as practicable to the righthand edge of the roadway, and the operator must wear a helmet. Additionally, the maximum speed limit for scooters is 15 MPH and they are not permitted on highways with posted speed limits in excess of 25 MPH.


FALL 2001 privatized recreation classes will be held at City park sites. If you are interested in attending these classes, please call the following instructors or pick up registration information at Hesse Park.

Cherie Ackerman (310) 547-5073
Tap and Children's Combo Dance (4 years - Adult)

Miwa Aiba (310) 371-5330
Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop (Adult)

Ann Bosma (310) 375-2064
Aerobic Dancing: Lite Impact (Adult)

Herb Clarkson (310) 377-6342
Amateur Radio for the Beginner (Teen, Adult)

Kim Egan (310) 530-8762
Mommy & Me (Birth to Crawling)

Jacquelyn Fernandez (310) 377-2965
Exercise & Dance Fitness (Adult)

Richard Goodman (310) 548-3207
Tai Chi Chuan (Adult)

Karin Koralek (310) 374-6612
Yoga (Adult)

Sean McRoberts (310) 293-4890
Tennis -Beg./Int./Adv. (7 years-Adult)
Pee Wee Tennis (4-6 years)

Jeanne Murphy (310) 377-8507
Ladies Exercise (Adult)

Sachiye Nakano (310) 544-1624
Bones for Life (Adult)

Barry Sacks (310) 519-4622
Mommy & Me (18 - 30 months)
Wee Tots (2 - 4 years)
Outdoor Adventures (5-10 years)

Suika Education, Inc. (310) 323-5221
Suika Baby Club (Birth-3 years)

Bela Taraseiskey (310) 265-0362
Art Classes (Youth, Teen, Adult)

Carla Walker (310) 521-9471
Tennis for Youth (2-10 years)

The Recreation & Parks Department is seeking instructors for a variety of classes for all ages, including children's cooking classes, youth arts & crafts classes, adult ESL classes, youth science & nature classes, youth sports programs, and more. If you are interested in teaching at one of the City park sites, please

call the Recreation Program Supervisor at (310) 544-5267.

Contributing Writers:

Ara Mihranian, Jo Purcell, Don Noble, Lt. John Herrera, Lauren Ramezani, Scott Gobble, Matt Waters, Sheri Allen,Tom Hollingsworth, Carolynn Petru, Holly Starr, and Nancie Silver.