July 15, 2003

On April 1, 1997, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 97-25, thereby adopting a Negative Declaration for Environmental Assessment No. 694 for amendments to Titles 16 and 17 of the City's Municipal Code. Prior to its adoption, the Negative Declaration was circulated for public comment from March 4 through March 24, 1997 and no substantive comments were received from any persons or responsible agencies. In adopting the Negative Declaration, the City Council found: 1) that there would be no significant adverse environmental impacts resulting from the adoption of the amendments; 2) that many of the amendments were clarifications and minor non-substantive revisions; and 3) that the substantive amendments would reduce impacts on the environment since the requirements and regulations governing development in the City would generally be strengthened, thereby further reducing any adverse impacts to adjacent properties and upon the environment.

The City Council is currently considering an amendment to Title 17 of the Development Code, as it pertains to Affordable Housing and state mandated density bonus provisions. The proposed amendment is based on Assembly Bill 1866 (Wright) signed into law by the Governor on September 29, 2002, and will ensure that the Cityís Municipal Code is consistent with AB 1866 for density bonuses and concessions, and establishing specified findings for review of requested density bonuses or concessions. As such, the City Council has independently reviewed this item and determined that the proposed amendments do not constitute a substantial change in Titles 16 and 17 of the Municipal Code and that there have been no substantial changes with respect to the circumstances under which the Municipal Code amendments are undertaken. Further, no new information of substantial importance, which was not previously known or could not have been previously known at the time the previous Negative Declaration was adopted that shows: that there is one or more new, or substantially increased, significant impacts; that new feasible mitigation measures or alternatives exist; or that new considerably different mitigation measures are feasible to reduce the impacts. The proposed amendments are within the scope of EA/ND No. 694 that were prepared and adopted in conjunction with the amendments to Titles 16 and 17 that were adopted on April 19, 1997 by the City Council. Further, future proposals would be subject to review as required by CEQA. As a result, no further environmental review is necessary other than the adoption of this Addendum No. 8.