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  • 1. GENERAL PLAN CONSISTENCY FINDING (CASE NO. ZON2007-00034): 30950 Hawthorne Boulevard / County of Los Angeles (KF)
  • 2. CODE AMENDMENT FOR EQUESTRIAN DISTRICTS (CASE NO. ZON2006-00082): Citywide (Equestrian Districts) / City (KF)
  • 3. HEIGHT VARIATION PERMIT AND SITE PLAN REVIEW (CASE NO. ZON2006-00447): 6774 Verde Ridge Road / Loera Designs (SK)
  • 4. APPEAL OF SITE PLAN REVIEW (CASE NO. ZON2006-00289): 6826 Verde Ridge Road / Florentino (SK)
  • 5. TRACT MAP AMENDMENT AND GRADING PERMIT (CASE NOS. SUB2006-00003 & ZON2005-00597): 30375 Diamonte Lane / Oliveri (KF)
  • 6. CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT (CASE NO. ZON2006-00627): 28637 Crenshaw Boulevard / Metro PCS (KF)
  • 6. CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT REVISION (CASE NO. ZON2008-00570): 5801 Crestridge Road / Puchlik Design (SK)