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  • 1. SITE PLAN REVIEW (CASE NO. ZON2011-00239): 6923 Vallon Drive / Ameco Solar, Inc. (AH)
  • 2. CODE AMENDMENT (CASE NO. ZON2010-00293): City / Citywide (SK)
  • 3. MISCELLANEOUS CODE AMENDMENT (CA) (CASE NO. ZON2011-00023): City / Citywide (LM)
  • 4. FAR CODE AMENDMENT (CASE NO. ZON2010-00332): City / Citywide (ES)
  • 5. CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT REVISION (CASE NO. ZON2011-00152): 30840 Hawthorne Boulevard (Salvation Army) / Dilday (SK)
  • 6. CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT REVISION (CASE NO. ZON2010-00454): 30940 Hawthorne Boulevard (City Hall) / AT&T (SK)